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RevPartners Brings on Director of Sales and Director of Community Engagement

Posted by Kimberly Holcomb on November 15, 2021
Kimberly Holcomb
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RP Headed in the Right Direction: Meet Our New Directors 

There is a lot to be thankful for this month at RevPartners, but nothing more so than the addition of our new two team members, Keaton Kay and Marc Belgrave. Kay and Belgrave join us as the Director of Sales and Director of Community Engagement. We are pumped about the insight, skills, and expertise they bring to the table and can't wait to see how they help us better accomplish our mission of democratizing RevOps. 💥

Looking Forward

The addition of a Director of Sales marks a significant milestone for RP as we transition from founder-led sales to capturing the demand we are seeing in the market. As more scaling companies recognize their need for RevOps and begin looking for options to fill the need, RevPartners wants to be available to meet that demand and partner with them to offer RevOps as a service. But, we needed someone experienced to lead the charge! Enter the Director of Sales.

The other need RevPartners saw was within the leading sales and marketing communities space.  We needed an experienced advocate, someone who would spread the RP "gospel" that - HubSpot is the #1 CRM for scaling companies and RevOps is the new life source for companies of any size. Enter the Director of Community Engagement. By engaging within online communities, he will be championing HubSpot and helping companies navigate the daunting RevOps waters.

Meet the New Team Members 

Keaton Kay 

Our new Director of Sales, Keaton Kay, brings a wealth of experience to the RevPartners team. His professional background has mostly been sales and partnership focused. Kay started at DocuSign and joined their enterprise sales team supporting the largest Telecommunications, Media and Utility companies in the United States. From there, he joined Garden City, a purpose-driven Private Equity firm investing in service companies throughout the Southeast, and was involved in their RevPartners investment, ultimately leading him to join us full time to lead partnership development and sales efforts. 

Originally from Southern California, Kay has never lived in one place longer than two years and has a passion for lobster diving. We can't wait to see how he does it BIG with RevPartners! 

Marc Belgrave 

Marc Belgrave joins the RP team as our Director of Community Engagement. He trained as a computer engineer and developer for the first 2 years of his career. He moved to NYC to become a sales engineer in the early 2000s and immediately discovered his passion for sales. Belgrave spent the next 20 years selling a variety of solutions from professional services, to marketing automation, to Salesforce partner services. He has spent the past 2 years consulting with online companies on scaling revenue while growing increasingly active in sales communities like Modern Sales Pros to "pay it forward".

Belgrave wasn't always a fan of HubSpot for sales, though. It was his former M.O. to dissuade sales professionals and scaling companies from investing in HubSpot as a CRM. Plot twist! A 40 minute conversation with RevPartners' Co-founder, Matt Bolian, left him fully convinced of HubSpot's place and leadership in the CRM space on a demo of "The Way".  In Marc's words, "former persecutors make the best evangelists."  We're stoked to have him in the RP family (and as part of the HubSpot fan club)!


Welcome to the team, Keaton and Marc! 🚀

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