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Filtering Deals View in HubSpot

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Posted by Gabriela Flores on June 24, 2022
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So much information can become overwhelming. HubSpot makes filtering emails easy!

Once on the deals page, make sure you’re on the correct sales pipeline. Sales Hub Professional or Enterprise accounts are even able to use more than one pipeline to sort deals. 

The default view is seeing the full list of deals available. But you can change this to see only specific deals, like your deals or the new deals of the month. To do this, simply check the option you want from the dropdown menu to the right of the pipeline selection. 

Now, there are a few filter options that you can choose from that’ll help you filter through deals in your HubSpot account, which range from the deal owner to the amount.

If these filters aren’t specific enough, HubSpot provides tools for its users to have a personalized experience and relevant filters. So, just create a custom filter!

To the right of the available filters, click “More filters.” Then you’ll be able to include any deal property to your filter by selecting the one you want and clicking “Apply filter.” The filter you selected is now being applied to your current view of the deals.

This view can be saved for future use in a few steps. Just navigate to the top right-hand side and click “Save view,” then “Save as new.” Now your newly created filter will be available under your view options from the view drop-down menu. 

There are other tools you can utilize to optimize your viewing experience, like toggling between board view and table view. You can also create custom filters to sort through other objects, like contact records, tickets, and custom objects.  

For more information, and to connect with fellow HubSpot users, be sure to check out HubSpot community! Here, you can take a deep dive into all things HubSpot while networking with your peers.

Video Instructions

Video Transcription

If I want to filter a deal, it's quite simple to do. I want to make sure that I'm starting off from the sales deals page here and make sure that I'm in the correct sales pipeline here. I, then, have the option of opening up this dropdown here and filtering specifically for my deals, my one deals this month or new deals this month. I also can come down here, and I have a couple of property options that will allow me to filter if I want filter by amount, if I want to filter by when the date was created, or if I have specifics on which deal owner that I want to filter by.

Finally, I can open up this more filters and have access to all of the different deal properties. So if I want to filter by deals that have a closed date, in this case, we'll select closed date as known, apply the filter. I'm going to go ahead and close out of this, and you can see that of the two deals that we had in place here, we've now filtered it down to one. If I want to save this view for further usage later on down the line, all I have to do is come up to the right side here, select save view, and save as new.

Once I do that, I can go ahead and select whether I want to share it with everyone or just myself, and then I want to go ahead and give this a name, and now you'll see up top, my view has changed to test here. This will be accessible at any point in time, later on down the line, if I want to come back into this, but that's how you go ahead, filter your deals and create a view.

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