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How to Edit Associations in HubSpot

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Posted by Gabriela Flores on May 31, 2022
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What are Associations in HubSpot?

Getting lost in a sea of company records? No worries!

No matter what you’re dealing with, HubSpot’s blog, marketing, and sales tools are there to help you ensure agency and customer success. Association labels can describe relationships between HubSpot’s CRM objects. HubSpot’s tools also allow for associations to be edited.

Let’s say you want to edit the associations within the contacts in your HubSpot account. Once logged in, click the dropdown menu in your HubSpot account and navigate to your contacts.

Once you’re on a contact record page, look towards the right and see the existing associations with that contact. To edit them, all you need to do is hover over the top right corner of the association you want and select the “X” to delete it. 

Then, for the association you want to make, click add. You can either click to create a new one or select an existing one. For example, to select an existing deal or ticket, search for a particular one and select the checkboxes of the ones you want to add. Be sure to save it! 

For more information, you can navigate through the HubSpot academy content library and search for academy certification courses that might interest you. Also, be sure to check out our other customer success blog content that will help you navigate HubSpot’s tools. 

See below for one of our free online video lessons on how to edit associations. 

Video Tutorial


Video Transcript

If I want to edit my associations for a particular record within HubSpot, I can do it from the right-hand side of the main record page. You'll see I'm on a contact record here, and I already actually have an association with a company for this particular contact. If I need to remove this, I can actually go ahead and as I hover over that company, move my mouse over to this X and select remove association. A little popup will confirm, and I can go ahead and select remove. You'll see I've removed that association there. So, now I have actually no associations for this contact.

Let's go ahead and re-add that. Pretty simple. I can just go ahead and select the add button here, and I can either select an existing company or I can create a new company to associate it with. In this case, I'm going to go ahead and select an existing company that I already have within HubSpot here. I'm going to go ahead and save this, and you'll see the company has now been associated.

I can do the same thing for deals, tickets, attachments, etc. Let's go ahead and do one for a deal. You can see I can create a new deal from here, or I can associate an existing deal. I can come in, search for a particular deal that I'm looking for, select that check box, and you'll see that it pops up. And then I can go ahead and save this as well. And now I've associated both a deal and a company to my contact here. And if I want to remove those, I can just select the X here to remove the association for those.

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