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How Zaybra’s Payment Data Is Propelling HubSpot into the Future

Posted by Dax Miller on August 9, 2022

The transformation of RevOps into an essential discipline for businesses was complemented by the growth of HubSpot. Now, companies like ours are pushing HubSpot even further. 

At A8 Labs, we already know that HubSpot is amazing for sales and marketing. Its email functionality is exceptional. Workflows and sequences give it god-like powers. 

But revenue data needed to be brought into the story to complete the epic HubSpot novel. So, we introduced Zaybra, an app that joins payment data with the rest of HubSpot’s irreplaceable capabilities. 

Why we built it

SaaS providers need a way to visualize subscription data – and we’re no exception. Our team needed to manage provisioning, tiering, and see subscription types. 

Unfortunately, HubSpot wasn’t doing it for us. There was too much stuff we couldn’t do, even though we knew HubSpot should be able to handle it. We just needed to figure out how. 

That’s when the idea for Zaybra was born. We combined what we knew about Stripe and HubSpot to take a convoluted process and turn it into a beautiful system. 

Now, we can... 

  • Segment users from product data 
  • Manage sales-assisted and self-serve workflows
  • Better attribute marketing performance
  • Trigger sales and service based on subscription events 
  • Attribute and visualize monthly recurring revenue
  • And more

... all within HubSpot. 

How it works

Zaybra transforms your CRM payment data in four simple steps. 

1. Sync 

Zaybra syncs data between HubSpot and Stripe. Stripe customers and their purchases/subscriptions sync to either Deals or Subscription and Transaction custom objects for Enterprise HubSpot users.

Using email address as the unique identifier, Zaybra matches Stripe customers to HubSpot contacts and backfills all of their historical data. Similarly, Stripe products and prices can be mapped to HubSpot products.

2. Manage 

Right from the contact record, users can manage and create Stripe subscriptions and payments in HubSpot. A card in their profile shows when their Stripe record was created, what their MRR is, and their last payment date. There are also subscription cards that show all the details about their plan and link out to the most recent invoice.


3. Automate 

Sales, marketing, and service actions can be automated in HubSpot based on Stripe events like when a subscription is created, a transaction payment fails, or when a subscription is updated. This enables HubSpot users to build complex and powerful workflows based upon Stripe, which has never been possible before Zaybra.

4. Report

HubSpot dashboards can then display data on Stripe subscriptions and transactions. At a glance, you can see details about your MRR and monthly transactions.

The impact this can have on other businesses in the HubSpot ecosystem is difficult to measure. Some of the use cases below give a glimpse into what’s possible.

Zaybra in action

The impact this can have on other businesses in the HubSpot ecosystem is difficult to measure. Some of the use cases below give a glimpse into what’s possible.

Automated subscription payment emails

Did a customer change their subscription type? Did someone’s payment method fail? A workflow fuelled by Zaybra can automatically send notifications to the customer’s inbox with more details and next steps.

Especially if your current subscription payment process involves a lot of manual labor, you’ll find relief in this feature.

Upgrade/downgrade users

In the contact profile of the customer whose subscription you want to change, there will be a Zaybra subscription card. From there you can pause, edit, or change the subscription line item entirely. 

The info gets sent back to Stripe and everything is synced right from your HubSpot CRM. No more back and forth. 

Looking to cross-sell instead of upgrade or downgrade? Use payment info to add prospects to a cross-sell list.

MRR and transaction dashboards

We love HubSpot, but we also accept it has its weaknesses. Revenue reporting is one of them, especially when it comes to monthly recurring revenue and specific transactions. 

Using dummy data, we constructed the dashboard below. With your real data, the possibilities are endless.

Sending payment links 

Managing subscription payments used to be surprisingly manual. Not with Zaybra. 

A Workflow Action can create a Stripe Payment link and send it to a customer, all without you lifting a finger (or reading another email).

For example, let’s say a customer fills out a form on your website expressing interest in signing up for your subscription service. The form fill will activate a workflow that generates a Stripe Payment link using Zaybra and send it directly to the customer.

Using Zaybra to lead the herd

While other companies are still using ChargeBee or Paypal for HubSpot subscriptions and transactions, Zaybra customers are using this HubSpot-first app to get ahead. 

Cleaner payment data and deeper insights into your MRR have benefits beyond good-looking dashboards and easier SOPs. You’ll gain a better understanding of your business model, and a slick customer experience will ensure your subscribers take notice. 

Interested in seeing the results for yourself?  Book a Zaybra demo with A8 Labs and let’s make some magic!

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