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RevPartners Grows Digital Marketing Team to Supercharge Inbound Services

Posted by Kimberly Holcomb on June 15, 2021
Kimberly Holcomb
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Cullie Burris, Colt Steingraber, and Paige Favor Create RevPartners Inbound Team, Answering the Call of Customers

January 26, 2022

As the demand for our inbound services grows, so does the all-star team behind it's success. In the beginning of 2022, Paige Favor joined Cullie Burris and Colt Steingraber to help fuel the inbound rocket ship. The addition of a new Demand Generation Technologist will allow us to offer our most extensive marketing services to more of our partners, providing a full funnel service to seamlessly accelerate growth. 

Meet the New Inbound Technologist 

Paige Favor is highly skilled Marketing Specialist with experience across many platforms. She joins RevPartners following a position as Paid Media and Conversion Specialist at Syrup, an Atlanta based marketing agency. Before that she acted as Marketing Specialist at Crisp Video where, in addition to her media and advertising responsibilities, she launched a podcast, managed graphic design, and assisted with lead generation. Her passion for finding solutions and solving paid media mysteries is an exciting asset for the RP Inbound Team. 

Paige is relocating from Atlanta to Tampa this year. She is a lifelong Alabama fan and the youngest of six kids. She also used to work in Pitbull Rescue and is an avid dog lover. 

Welcome to the team, Paige! 🚀

June 15, 2021 

Putting Our Partners First

Many of our partners have asked:  “Can you fuel our pipeline with Demand Generation?”

Yes! We listened and we acted. 

The consistent request our Revenue Strategists receive is to direct more energy towards demand generation concurrent with our other offerings. RevPartners offers revenue operations as a service to build revenue engines that operate seamlessly and cohesively at all points of the customer journey. ALL points of the customer journey.  RevOps is about deploying full-funnel marketing, not just a piece of the funnel.  B2B companies that try to separate Inbound Marketing from the other go to market strategies are doomed. 

This will not be our fate. 

RevPartners recently made a strategic investment in demand generation as an internal service by bringing on board two Digital Marketing masterminds. 

Queue the entry of Cullie Burris, Head of Inbound at RevPartners, and his right-hand man, Colt Steingraber. 

Introducing the Inbound Team 

Cullie Burris is a self-made Digital Marketing Strategist with his experience going back as early as his teenage years when he first started doing SEO. In the world of demand generation, there is not much that this man cannot do. Since his early SEO days, Cullie has continued to grow his expertise in digital marketing and eventually founded his own digital marketing agency in 2015.  As Founder and CEO of Double Up Digital from 2015-2021, he oversaw the digital marketing strategy and execution for over 130 accounts, managed over 4 million in ad spend, and maintained a 95% client retention rate.

This impressive history has built the man, the myth, the legend is now bringing his awesomeness to RevPartners.   

Colt Steingraber likewise has an extensive background in digital marketing, but with a more specific emphasis on content creation and strategy.  He has served a wide range of clients and has led enterprise-level SEO and PPC campaigns.  Colt’s passion for communication and effective storytelling has led him in many different directions in the past and if you took a look at his history you would see Content Director at a former agency right alongside lead singer/songwriter for a rock band.

We are excited to have this "content guru" doing what he does best - building brand awareness and market domination for our partners. Rock on, Colt! 🤘

Not Your Everyday Demand Generation

On June 7th, Cullie Burris joined the RevPartners rocket ship as Head of Inbound and Colt Steingraber hopped aboard shortly after. Together they will build out our shared service demand generation offering and lead the Inbound Team in serving our partners better.  Extending our services to include the full picture will accelerate the RevPartners offering and empower our partners to drive the complete go to market strategy of their dreams. 

So what is different about the RevOps approach to demand generation?  

At RevPartners we are weaponizing data to inform content creation that drives demand generation, not the other way around.  Every digital marketing decision made, from keywords mapping and SEO to content planning and publishing, is data-driven and strategic.  Actionable data is one of the crucial differentiators present in every stage of our operations that sets us apart from a Marketing Agency or, in other words, the scooters that you are used to driving.

Welcome aboard the rocket ship🚀, Cullie and Colt! If you are interested in joining the Inbound Services Team, reach out! 


About RevPartners®

Our mission is to democratize revops for scaling companies.  RevPartners is the fastest Hubspot Solution Partner to ever achieve Hubspot’s Diamond Tier.  RevPartners is backed by Garden City Companies which includes a world-class advisory board which consists of leaders who have personally built multi-billion dollar companies such as DocuSign, Lyft, Ritz Carlton, VMware, Costco, HPE, Uber, Salesloft, Square, Terminus, Equifax, and others.

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