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RevPartners Adds Proven Operations Leader Andrew Lydon as Head of Partner Delivery

Posted by Brendan Tolleson on March 9, 2021
Brendan Tolleson

Lydon to Lead Partner Delivery Team to Supercharge Revenue for Our Partners

Doing it BIG!

RevPartners - the leading RevOps managed service provider that designs, builds, and executes revenue operations to support holistic go to market strategies for scaling companies - today announced that it has added Andrew Lydon as it’s COO and Head of Partner Delivery.  As Head of Partner Delivery, Lydon is responsible for building the delivery model, and team, that causes our partners to love RevPartners more than their mothers


“We are extremely fortunate to have Andrew Lydon join our Founding Team,” said Matt Bolian, Co-Founder and Head of Growth & People at RevPartners.  “Andrew is an integrator with proven experience building process and system design for leading companies, like DoorDash, Shipt, Uber Eats, and Focus Brands.  In other words, Lydon is an operational Jedi with knowhow and experience to scale RevPartners' mission of democratizing Revenue Operations.  His awesomeness will 10x our awesome."   


Why Partner Delivery instead of Client Delivery

For too long, companies have been faced with a binary option of “outsourcing” this mission critical role of RevOps to a contractor or bringing on a full-time specialist - neither of which solves the real problem.  You can hire a consultant to fix an immediate need that addresses your challenge today. But here is the catch: it's transactional, reactive, and it creates technical debt.  Today's solution becomes tomorrow's problem.  And hiring a full-time specialist, either a technician or a strategist, leaves a gap regardless of which path you choose.  


RevPartners is changing this paradigm.  With RevPartners, you get a team to serve as your in-house RevOps department - partnering with you to solve your operational changes both today and tomorrow.  Therefore, we were very intentional about Andrew’s title reflecting this partner concept where we take 100% ownership of RevOps - both strategic and tactical.  As partners, your success is our success


Andrew Lydon’s Background

Lydon joins RevPartners from Focus Brands, the franchisor of seven iconic restaurant brands, where he held the title of Senior Director of Demand Generation. In this role, Andrew leveraged his experience in digital, off-premise, & analytics to ignite the rocket ship by setting the business and technical strategy to build awesomeness across the brands across demand generation, off-premise, & loyalty CRM.

“The theme throughout my career is that I’m passionate about building organizations who are solving large complex problems in emerging industries with a team & company who share in my personal values.  RevPartners fit this criteria & much much more,” added Andrew Lydon, COO RevPartners.  

Welcome aboard the rocket ship🚀, Andrew!  If you are interested in joining Andrew’s team, reach out!

About RevPartners®

Our mission is to democratize revops for scaling companies.  RevPartners is the fastest Hubspot partner to ever achieve Hubspot’s Platinum Tier.  RevPartners is backed by Garden City Companies which includes a world-class advisory board which consists of leaders who have personally built multi-billion dollar companies such as DocuSign, Lyft, Ritz Carlton, VMware, Costco, HPE, Uber, Salesloft, Square, Terminus, Equifax, and others.

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