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RevPartners Experiences Rapid Growth in Q3 with the Addition of 3 Pods

Posted by Kimberly Holcomb on October 8, 2021
Kimberly Holcomb
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Revenue Strategists Join the RP Team to Delight Partners and Bring Awesome


RevPartners has been doing it BIG since Day 1, but we took it to a whole other level during Q3. We've grown our team, re-introduced HubSpot as a CRM with a month long campaign, hit huge milestones with our own revenue goals, and hosted our first (hint, hint) community event in partnership with HubSpot. 

Possibly the most remarkable growth that RevPartners experienced in this last quarter was in the area of team expansion. We've welcomed three additional RevOps Jedis to help streamline our partner's revenue operations. 

Meet the New Revenue Strategists 

Brian Kreutz

Brian Kreutz brings 10+ years of RevOps experience to the RP team. He started his revenue operations career by walking into a business with what he thought was a cool building and telling them he’d work for free while in college. Over the past decade he's mastered the RevOps force driving countless companies forward in revenue and scale.

Aside from his impressive career thus far, Brian enjoys golfing, water sports, and cheering on the Atlanta Braves. It's also worth mentioning he's traveled to 40 countries across 5 continents and survived 2 open heart surgeries. We cannot wait to see how Brian continues to do it BIG at RevPartners. 🤜⚡🤛

Nicholas Padula

A self proclaimed “digital alchemist,” Nic Padula blends business strategy, design, and marketing to build digital ecosystems of growth for the businesses and the people he works with.

Growing up in East Tennessee before attending the College of Business at the University of Rhode Island, Nic has been directly on the front lines of the branding and digital marketing landscape since 2007. In the past 14 years, he has designed corporate branding, built websites, and executed marketing campaigns for everything from gourmet quick-serve restaurants to an LGBTQ+ focused health clinic with Brown University.

Most recently, Nic was the lead on the rebranding and marketing team for Chattanooga’s Kenco Logistics - a company now on track to hit a billion in revenue in the next two years. Outside of his knack for designing, building, and driving revenue engines, Nic holds an affinity for fixing and driving another sort of engine - early 90s Volvos!

Grant Williams

Grant Williams has worked in the digital marketing space for the past seven years, in-house and primarily in digital marketing agencies. During that time he's done it big within a number of different industries & verticals ranging from SaaS to healthcare.

Grant's past project experience ranges from site launches to Hubspot on-boardings and product launches. He loves the digital marketing space because it provides the ability to see, measure, and track efforts and then adjust your strategy accordingly. 

Outside of the RevOps world, Grant is a long suffering Jacksonville Jaguars fan. He also loves hiking and has visited over 20 national parks. 

Welcome to the team Brian, Nic, and Grant! 🚀

Looking Ahead

As incredible as the third quarter was, we are even more excited for Q4. RevPartners is looking forward to serving our partners, continuing to join forces with HubSpot, and bringing more brilliant knowledge to the world of RevOps. 🏆

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