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The Top RevOps Experts to Follow in 2022

Posted by Giann Magno on October 7, 2022
Giann Magno

RevOps isn’t something you have to do alone…let these influencers help you.

You have just taken your first step into the universe of Revenue Operations (or RevOps), eyes opened, soul enlightened, body energized with all of the information… That's a lot, right? Maybe you need a guide in this intriguing, but uncharted territory? 

Or, maybe you’re already a seasoned traveler, having worked in RevOps for a while now, but the RevOps universe is constantly evolving and you need to keep up with it… 

Well, you’re EXACTLY where you need to be. Many sage RevOps experts are leading the way and this quick introduction will point you towards the top guides for you to follow on your journey! 

For those who want long term impact on their RevOps journey: 

Rosalyn Santa Elena - Founder & Chief Revenue Operations Officer of The RevOps Collective 

With 20+ years of experience leading RevOps & GTM for enterprise companies and high-growth start-ups, Rosalyn is a leader in the universe of RevOps. Host of her own podcast The Revenue Engine, founder of The RevOps Collective, and advisor for several high growth companies, she champions RevOps professionals and is passionate about all she does. You can always count on Rosalyn to post valuable content to guide you along your RevOps journey. 

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For those who want to expand their sales ops skills on their RevOps journey: 

Jeff Ignacio - Head of Marketing and Sales Operations at Forethought 

Another giant in the world of RevOps. Jeff brings his plethora of knowledge and experience in revenue growth and sales operations to the scene as the Head of Sales at Forethought, the host of The Revenue Architect Podcast and advisor to multiple companies like Everstage and Scratchpad. Make sure you follow along and take in Jeff’s great content both on Linkedin and his many appearances on different podcasts. 

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For those who want to utilize the art of storytelling and strategy in their RevOps journey:

Lorena Morales - Director of Global Digital Marketing at JLL 

Using the power of storytelling and her global perspective (after living in multiple countries), Lorena has become a legend in the world of RevOps. As the Director of Global Digital Marketing at JLL, advisor for Syncari and an expert in Strategic Design Management, Lorena and her people-first approach serve to be a great resource for revops teams of any size. Take her hand by following her on Linkedin and diving into her awesome content! 

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For those on their way from HubSpot Zero to HubSpot Hero in their RevOps journey:

Robert Jones - HubSpot Super Admin & Sales Director at RevPartners 

Introducing, the Mayor of INBOUND: Robert Jones. Learning and DOING RevOps can be hard. There are days that may knock you down. But that’s OK, Rob will be right there to not only pick you back up with some hilarious content (e.g. HubSpot Tik Tok parodies), but to teach you valuable RevOps lessons. 

Rob’s “epic quest” from HubSpot rookie, to HubSpot Super Admin is one that we can all take inspiration from, so join him in his journey already! 

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For those looking for belonging with others on their RevOps journey:

Sprocketeer - The HubSpot Community of Super Admins 

An independent community of HubSpot Super Admins helping other HubSpot Super Admins along the way. The Sprocketeer community creates clarity within the realm of RevOps and HubSpot using a variety of content, virtual events, instant chat answers, and MORE in Discord. 

In light of INBOUND 2022, the value of connections and community was put in the spotlight. Communities like Sprocketeer are a prime example of the importance of connecting with one another to grow and learn.

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For those who are walking the Salesforce path on their RevOps journey: 

Jacki Leahy - Fractional RevOps Leader & Founder of Activate the Magic

Activate the Magic is a business operations and consulting service focused on sustainable growth… And a “little bit of magic’. If you are still in the realm of Salesforce, Jacki will undoubtedly guide you along the way with her knowledge and experience. Follow her on your RevOps adventure and do NOT forget to watch her Tik Toks for some laughter and smiles. 

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