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INBOUND Product Updates Make Every HubSpot Admin at RevPartners Rejoice

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Posted by Kimberly Holcomb on October 12, 2021
Kimberly Holcomb
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Looking Toward A More Customizable, Connected, and Customer-First Future for The HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is a CRM with muscle 💪

It continues to improve and add features that are designed to equip HubSpotters with more power, so they can adapt to whatever comes their way. 

Just this morning, at INBOUND ‘21, HubSpot’s annual conference, a whole slew of product updates were released to continue to delight HubSpot CRM partners and customers. 

We want to share some of the updates that our team is most hyped about! 

But first, here’s a quick overview from the HubSpot Team:

HubSpot Updates at a Glance

Let’s add a little more color to showcase those FIRE features 🔥

Sandboxes: Test code or test workflows without risks. This is mandatory in an Enterprise CRM.

Flexible Associations: Increase the number of associations of certain types. You can add multiple companies to a deal; add a person to more than one company.

Association Labels: Label contacts to more quickly segment database without properties

Custom Permissions: Custom permission sets for specific users types - think field sales, marketing manager, etc.

Business Units: Managing one company with multiple brands in one CRM. This is huge!

Event Objects: Now have customizable properties. 

Deal Splits: Can now do split deals natively in HubSpot. Thank goodness.

Reports: Can now see data from Sales emails, sequence, media, and more.

Payments: Natively built CRM-powered payments.  


Ops Hubs (Enterprise): Can create datasets and create custom calculations!

What the RevPartners Team Have Been Saying

You can see why our team of RevOps Strategists and Technologists at RevPartners (each of them proud HubSpot Admins :) are beyond excited about a few of these in particular.

If you were to read our internal channels today, here is what you would find:

Customer Portal and Payments are going to be huge! Customer portals have such a huge opportunity in the market. Usually appointments are where portals come into play as a standard right now. More accessibility in the relationship between clients and customers provides the opportunity for a deeper relationship.  The payment portal is a crowded market and with the existing marketplace it seems like the focus could be on the existing customer base within HubSpot. I’m curious to see what sort of lead generation integrated payment processing can bring to existing partner companies like us.” - Grant Carlile, RevOps Technologist

“A CRM powered CMS looks really exciting. Being able to personalize visitor experiences based on their profile is a terrific tool for enhancing engagement metrics.” - Colt Steingraber, Inbound Strategist

I'm most excited about Custom Surveys because getting consistent customer feedback helps support so many business functions. It gives real-time feedback not only on how your customer feels about your product, but also how they feel about who they interact with at the company. It can help inform product teams on what pain points your product is still not solving, as well as help a manager find coaching opportunities with their custom-facing teams.” - Brian Kreutz, RevOps Strategist

Datasets update is a GAME CHANGER.” - Brandon Dith-Berry, RevOps Technologist

“I’m really excited about the Custom Report Builder. Our whole job is to bring ROI, and we have to be able articulate that ROI for ourselves & partners. With these custom reports we’ll be able to make better informed decisions on both the marketing & RevOps side.” - Grant Williams, RevOps Strategist

“Permissions, Sandboxes, and Association improvements will really speak to a veteran company. As time goes on, companies tend to get more and more complex, these sorts of features speak to that complexity and being able to represent the reality of their business today.” - Grant Carlile, RevOps Technologist

“Looking forward to seeing the new Marketing Home and Website Interactives that are currently in development. Also, excited about AI-powered data quality- will take away busy work! New data sync functionality, etc... the list goes on!” - David Passman, RevOps Technologist

The HubSpot Admin movement is here 💪

HubSpot is making changes to their CRM that are putting RevOps professionals and Sales Leaders ahead of others by leaps and bounds.  It no longer can even be called a "marketing-automation platform." Those days are gone, and the CRM era has begun. With it, the HubSpot Admin will now rise to high repute. 

Are you ready for it? We are!

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