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Case Study: AirDNA Sales Process

Customer Info

AirDNA is the leading provider of global short-term rental data and predictive analytics.  They help destination marketing organizations, hotels, property managers, and real estate investors to gain critical insights on vacation rentals, make fact-based decisions, optimize their pricing, benchmark their performance, and outperform the competition.


Find out how RevPartners was able to revolutionize AirDNA's sales process by creating a triple solution strategy for enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

The Problem

Inconsistent MQL -> Opp Conversion Rates

Marketing’s efforts were not fully leveraged, BDRs/SDRs struggled to track high-intent contacts, and AEs experienced poor handoffs, leading to suboptimal opportunity creation.

Improper Deal Qualification

The sales team lacked a structured approach to qualify deals effectively, impacting tailored demos and accurate forecasting.

Unclear Sourcing in Reporting

Difficulty in quickly identifying the source of SQLs and Opportunities in reports, with a need to distinguish between marketing, sales, partner, and referral influences.

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The Solution

  1. 1

    BDR Pipeline/Tracking -> Higher Opp Conversion:

    • Developed a distinct BDR Pipeline or “Lead Gen Funnel” separate from the Sales Pipeline.
    • Adjusted lifecycle stages and defaults within HubSpot.
    • Established clear progression stages for BDRs/SDRs.
    • Implemented gates and entry criteria for stage advancement.
    • Created dashboards with detailed metrics, including SLA adherence and commission tracking.
  2. 2

    MEDDPICC Gates + Scoring:


    • Integrated a scoring system for each MEDDPICC aspect: Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Criteria, Decision Process, Paper Process, Identify Pain, Champion, Competition.
    • Developed standard Sales Weekly Management dashboards incorporating MEDDPICC scores.
    • Enhanced forecast prediction and accountability for AEs and BDRs through structured qualification questions.
  3. 3

    Bucket Sources for Lifecycle Stage Reporting:

    • Identified and categorized different sources into appropriate buckets.
    • Implemented detailed tracking for lifecycle stages and sources.
    • Enabled intuitive understanding of deal and customer origins through comprehensive reporting.


BDR Pipeline/Tracking -> Higher Opp Conversion

  • Enhanced tracking and management of high-intent contacts.
  • Improved qualification process and streamlined handoff from marketing to sales.
  • Increased visibility and accuracy in commission tracking and analytics.
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MEDDPICC Gates + Scoring

  • More accurate sales forecasting and deal closure predictions.
  • Structured and accountable qualification process for AEs and BDRs.
  • Enhanced focus on critical deal aspects, leading to more closed-won deals.

Bucket Sources for Lifecycle Stage Reporting

  • Clear, intuitive understanding of deal and customer origins.
  • Enhanced ability to evaluate marketing and sales efforts effectively.
  • Better-informed strategic decisions based on accurate source data.
Dillon DuBois
Senior Product Manager @ AirDNA
"Eric and the entire revpartners team have taken our ops department to an entire new level. Prior to them arriving, our CRM was extremely messy and we really didn't have any in-house HubSpot experts.
They were able to come in and make quick changes that have changed the way we analyze leads, deals, pipelines, accounts, and more. 5/5 stars!"
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