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Case Study: Restaurant Events Achieves Operational Independence

Customer Info

Restaurant Events is a prominent organizer of food and beverage trade shows across the US which connects innovative companies to transform dining experiences. Their events streamline the process of sourcing high-quality products and services for full-service, quick-service, and institutional food establishments.


Restaurant Events underwent a significant transition following its acquisition by Clarion Events Group. This acquisition necessitated meticulous planning and execution to ensure the seamless migration of crucial data and marketing operations.

The primary objective was to facilitate the company's operational independence by transferring data from Clarion's CRM (Salesforce) and marketing automation platform (Pardot) to HubSpot. 

Find out how RevPartners helped Restaurant Events gain full control over its data while enhancing sales pipeline functionality and marketing operations

The Problem

  • Data Migration Complexity: The challenge lay in migrating diverse datasets encompassing contacts, companies, deals, and legal documents from Clarion's established CRM and marketing platforms to HubSpot without compromising data integrity or disrupting ongoing operations.

  • Ensuring Functional Continuity: It was imperative to ensure that sales pipeline functionality and marketing operations remained uninterrupted throughout the migration process, avoiding any detrimental impact on revenue generation or customer engagement.
  • Quality Assurance and Risk Management: Validating the accuracy of migrated data and mitigating potential risks associated with the migration process, such as data loss, corruption, or system compatibility issues.

  • Post-Migration Support Infrastructure: Establishing robust mechanisms for issue resolution, bug tracking, and client support to address any discrepancies or operational challenges encountered post-migration.
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The Solution

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    Data Migration Process:

    • Mapping Documentation: Detailed mapping of properties from Salesforce and Pardot to HubSpot to ensure accurate data transfer.
    • Migration Mechanism: Leveraged HubSpot's native import tools alongside CSV files for data migration, ensuring compatibility and preserving data integrity.
    • Methodology: Followed a structured approach encompassing scoping, discovery, extraction, transformation, loading, and validation phases to ensure a systematic and error-free migration process.
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    Quality Control/Risk Management:

    • Testing Protocols: Implemented comprehensive testing protocols, including scoping assessments, data validation, and user acceptance testing (UAT) involving stakeholders to validate migration results.
    • Risk Mitigation Strategies: Continuously monitored the migration process, maintained backups of source data, and had contingency plans in place to mitigate unforeseen risks promptly.
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    Post-Migration Support:

    • Issue Resolution: Established dedicated support channels via platforms like Slack for clients to report and resolve any post-migration issues promptly.
    • Bug Tracking and Reporting: Implemented a structured process for clients to report software bugs or issues encountered, ensuring timely escalation and resolution by technical support teams.


Operational Independence Achieved

The successful migration empowered Restaurant Events to operate autonomously, reducing reliance on Clarion Events and enabling full control over its CRM data within HubSpot.

Enhanced Functionality and Customer Journey

Introduction of advanced features such as lifecycle stages, lead status, and an onboarding pipeline enriched the customer journey, leading to improved engagement and retention rates.

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Streamlined Processes and Efficiency

The migration process streamlined internal workflows and operational processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity across sales and marketing teams.


Significant Milestone in Company Growth

The successful completion of the migration project marked a pivotal milestone in Restaurant Events' journey towards autonomy and growth, positioning the company for future success and expansion in the competitive food and beverage industry.

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