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RevPartners Enhances Harness Energy's Sales and Operational Efficiency

Customer Info

Harness Energy provides an extensive array of advanced field measurement services for large-scale wind and solar projects. By utilizing observational data, they enable their clients to make well-informed decisions, driving progress toward a sustainable future.

They deliver top-tier measurements using cutting-edge technology. Their accurate data underpins reliable decision-making, fostering innovation and advancement in renewable energy.


Harness Energy was experiencing rapid growth and partnered with RevPartners to streamline their operations and enhance efficiency. The primary objective was to consolidate systems and automate processes by transitioning from Trello to HubSpot.

Discover how RevPartners provided Harness Energy with full visibility into their sales metrics, improved process efficiency, and standardized workflows, resulting in better performance tracking and operational success.


The Problem


Need for Enhanced Sales and Operational Visibility

As Harness Energy expanded, the company identified a need for better visibility into their sales metrics. They sought clearer insights into lead generation, deal closures, and conversion rates to drive informed decision-making.

Desire to Improve Process Efficiency

With growth came the challenge of maintaining efficiency. Harness Energy recognized that automating manual processes would reduce the time spent on data entry and help eliminate potential bottlenecks, allowing them to scale more effectively.


Requirement for Organized Workflow

Harness Energy aimed to standardize their workflow to ensure consistency and smooth handoffs between sales and operations. Organizing their processes would enhance collaboration and reduce operational friction.

Necessity for Advanced Reporting and Tracking

To sustain their growth trajectory, Harness Energy needed robust reporting tools. Accurate tracking of performance metrics would provide actionable insights, helping them measure success and identify areas for improvement.

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The Solution

  1. 1

    Implementation of HubSpot:

    RevPartners introduced HubSpot as a centralized CRM solution, which enabled Harness Energy to automate their sales processes and gain comprehensive visibility into their operations.

    This implementation streamlined data management and improved overall efficiency.

  2. 2

    QuickBooks Integration for Financial Automation:

    RevPartners integrated HubSpot with QuickBooks, automating the setup of project folders and the creation of invoices.

    This integration ensured seamless data flow between sales and accounting systems, enhancing financial operations.

  3. 3

    Custom Sales Pipeline and Process Automation:

    RevPartners developed a customized sales pipeline tailored to Harness Energy’s specific needs.

    The creation of automated milestones and checkpoints reduced manual intervention and streamlined the sales process.

  4. 4

    Advanced Reporting and Dashboard Configuration:

    RevPartners set up detailed reporting and dashboards within HubSpot, providing Harness Energy with full visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs).

    This setup enabled real-time tracking of opportunities, conversion rates, and overall sales performance.



Enhanced Operational Visibility

The implementation of HubSpot provided Harness Energy with clear insights into their sales operations. They could now track critical metrics such as lead generation, deal closures, and conversion rates, facilitating more informed decision-making.

Increased Efficiency and Reduced Manual Work

Automation of key processes and financial integrations significantly reduced the manual workload for Harness Energy’s teams. This boost in efficiency allowed the company to scale operations more effectively and respond swiftly to business needs.

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Standardized and Organized Processes

With the establishment of standardized workflows and sales playbooks, Harness Energy experienced smoother transitions between sales and operations. This standardization minimized friction, ensured consistency, and enhanced overall operational efficiency.


Improved Performance Tracking and Customer Management

The advanced reporting capabilities provided by RevPartners enabled Harness Energy to accurately track their performance and generate actionable insights. This improvement in tracking and reporting allowed the company to enhance customer management and satisfaction, fostering better client relationships and retention.

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