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Case Study: Riverside Pre-Sales SQL Process

Customer Info

Riverside is a virtual studio devoted to making high quality recording and editing accessible to everyone.  With a boom of online media creation in the last few years, they are in prime position to grow.



Find out how Riverside used HubSpot's new same-object association to create revenue insights and precision lead tracking.



The Problem

Multiple SQL Instances without Tracking:

  • Issue: Riverside encountered challenges in tracking instances where a company could become an SQL multiple times.
  • Implication: Lack of visibility into multiple SQL occurrences led to mismanaged data and hampered accurate performance evaluation.

Manual Process with Custom Object for Tracking:

  • Issue: Riverside relied on a manual process involving a custom object to track SQLs.
  • Implication: The manual process introduced errors and inconsistencies in data, rendering the company object to SQL mapping inaccurate and untrustworthy.

Absence of Pipelines in the "Educate" Stage:

  • Issue: Riverside lacked structured pipelines in the "educate" stage.
  • Implication: Without a defined pipeline, tracking SQL conversions and managing the transition from SQL to other stages became cumbersome and prone to errors.
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The Solution

  1. 1

    Introduction of RevOps as a Service:

    • Strategy: RevPartners leveraged "RevOps as a Service" to provide a comprehensive solution.
    • Implementation: The solution involved strategic changes without platform migration, utilizing the existing HubSpot CRM and marketing platform.


  2. 2

    Overhaul of the "Educate" Stage:

    • Approach: RevPartners initiated a strategic overhaul in the "educate" stage to address the SQL tracking challenge.
    • Implementation: A transition from a manual custom-object-based system to a structured pipeline approach was implemented for accurate and reliable tracking.
  3. 3

    Creation of Specialized Pipelines:

    • Customization for Agency SMB and Enterprise:
      • Issue: Agency and enterprise pipelines had unique characteristics.
      • Implementation: Specialized pipelines were created, ensuring alignment with the sales cycle dynamics while maintaining consistency in stages.
  4. 4

    Enhanced Attribution and Integration:

    • Attribution Accuracy:
      • Solution: Every deal was associated with a specific pre-opp instance for improved attribution accuracy.
      • Outcome: Riverside gained the ability to precisely track the journey of each deal from SQL initiation to closure.
  5. 5

    Advanced Visibility for Decision-Making:

    • Tracking Closed-Lost and Unqualified Reasons:
      • Solution: The new system allowed Riverside to track closed-lost and unqualified reasons.
      • Impact: The data provided insights for strategic decision-making and optimization of investment between inbound and outbound channels.


Accurate Tracking Achieved

  • Result: Riverside achieved accurate and reliable tracking of SQL instances.
  • Impact: The company now had a solid data foundation for performance evaluation and strategic planning.


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Detailed Cohort Analysis and Planning

  • Result: Riverside gained the capability for detailed cohort comparisons, analyzing durations from SQL to deal initiation.
  • Impact: Strategic planning and resource allocation were optimized based on comprehensive cohort analysis.

Informed Decision-Making and Optimization

  • Result: Enhanced visibility into closed-lost and unqualified reasons.
  • Impact: Riverside empowered itself with data-driven decision-making capabilities, optimizing investments in inbound and outbound channels.

Voice of the Customer

Gal Agar
Director of RevOps @ Riverside

It's always a pleasure working with you day to day, but the level of work and insight you provided on the QBR is amazing. Lots of food for thought.

star star star star star
Merrin Trombka
Head of Enterprsie AE Team @ Riverside

I have had so much fun - it's been, it's been more than a pleasure working with you - you've added a ton of value here and you're super sharp and amazing and super fun and, I've had a blast!

star star star star star
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