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Case Study: workvivo Lead Management Process

Customer Info

workvivo is an employee communication platform that’s designed to facilitate communication and collaboration within organizations, with a focus on enhancing employee engagement, building a positive company culture, and fostering a sense of community among employees.


Find out how workvivo increased their inbound lead conversion rate from 35% to 42% within 45 days, increasing pipeline creation by over $1M month over month.

The Problem

workvivo encountered multifaceted challenges in their lead management, primarily stemming from a lack of prioritization for leads that did not schedule meetings. Despite having a double opt-in form in place, the existing system failed to address the nearly 50% of leads that did not book a meeting but still presented valuable contact information.

Challenges Encountered:

  • Lead Prioritization Issues: The existing system was biased towards leads that booked meetings, neglecting a substantial percentage of potentially qualified leads.
  • Missed Opportunities: Failure to engage leads that did not book meetings resulted in missed opportunities for vital discovery calls and potential deals.

Lead Characteristics:

  • Double Opt-in Form: Despite the use of a double opt-in form, the system lacked a mechanism to effectively prioritize leads based on their potential.
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The Solution

RevPartners implemented a comprehensive solution to address the identified challenges and overhaul workvivo's lead management system.

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    Infrastructure Enhancement:

    • Chili Piper Integration: The introduction of Chili Piper infrastructure played a pivotal role in enhancing lead tracking capabilities.
    • New Field Additions: Additional fields were introduced to capture crucial lead information, including date of meeting, time zone, and sequence enrollment.
  2. 2

    Introduction of Lead Status Field

    • Automated Categorization: The lead status field allowed for dynamic categorization based on engagement status.
    • Categories Defined: Leads were categorized as "Replied" if they booked meetings, "New" if they required outreach, and "Working" if they were actively engaged in the process.
  3. 3

    Workflow Automation:

    • Chili Piper and HubSpot Integration: The entire workflow, including the Miro board process, was automated using Chili Piper and HubSpot.
    • Streamlined Operations: The Miro board process was meticulously mapped out to ensure a seamless and efficient workflow.


workvivo experienced substantial improvements across key metrics as a result of the implementation of the new lead management system.

Follow-Up Rate:

  • Before: A concerning 15% of leads were never followed up with.
  • After: A notable improvement with 0% of leads left unattended.
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Conversion Rates:

  • Before: A mere 5% of leads not booking a meeting converted to a deal.
  • After: A remarkable increase to 24% conversion rate for leads not booking meetings.

Rescheduling No-Shows:

  • Before: Only 10% of leads no-showing the first call were successfully rescheduled.
  • After: A substantial improvement, with 38% of leads no-showing the first call successfully rescheduled.

Overall Lead-to-Deal Conversion:

  • A significant 55% of leads that booked a meeting transformed into qualified deals.

Pipeline Growth:

  • A noteworthy 70% increase in pipeline generated by the SDR team month over month highlighted the system's effectiveness.

Improved Lead Tracking:

  • Automation Benefits: The automation facilitated better visibility into the conversion rate between different outreach stages.
  • Reduction in Lead Follow Up Time: The revamped system led to a drastic reduction in the number of leads labeled as "New," ensuring more comprehensive lead management.

Voice of the Customer

Cathal Curry
Global SDR Manager @ workvivo
“Working with RevPartners was a game-changer for analyzing and enhancing our inbound lead conversion rate here at workvivo. Brian’s expertise and dedication in setting up a streamlined process ensured a significant boost in conversions but also a 100% adherence rate to our internal team SLAs.
Working with RevPartners felt like having an extended in-house team. Our partnership was instrumental in achieving our goals as a Sales development team, and setting ourselves up for our next period of growth.”
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