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Case Study: workvivo Revenue Data Process

Customer Info

workvivo is an employee communication platform that’s designed to facilitate communication and collaboration within organizations, with a focus on enhancing employee engagement, building a positive company culture, and fostering a sense of community among employees.



Find out how, in 90 days, workvivo went from not trusting any of their revenue data in HubSpot to having a full historical revenue recap for every customer all time allowing them to record Net Revenue Retention and completed Due Diligence with potential investors in record time.

The Problem

Lack of Trust in Data

workvivo faced a significant challenge as they lacked confidence in the accuracy of their deal-related data, including deal amounts. This hindered their ability to make informed business decisions and track performance effectively.

Unstructured Deal Objects

The absence of a standardized deal category system and the omission of essential deal objects such as products and line items contributed to the disorganization of data. This made it challenging for workvivo to analyze and report on their sales activities accurately.

Limited Pipeline Visibility

The absence of a dedicated Renewal/Upsell pipeline meant that workvivo had limited visibility into upcoming renewals, renewal conversations, and the overall performance of their renewal and upsell activities.

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The Solution

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    Deal Category System:

    RevPartners introduced a structured deal category system, which included categories such as New Logo, Renewal, Upsell, Expert Services, Downsell, and Churn. This categorization provided clarity and a standardized framework for organizing deals.

  2. 2

    Products and Line Items:

    RevPartners incorporated products and line items into the deal structure, enabling workvivo to track billing start dates, billing end dates, and services with recurring and non-recurring revenue. This added granularity to their deal data.

  3. 3

    Renewal/Upsell Pipeline:

    The creation of a dedicated Renewal/Upsell pipeline in HubSpot allowed Workvivo to efficiently manage and track their renewal activities. This included specific categories like upcoming renewals less than 180 days, 90 days, and 45 days, renewal conversations, closed won renewal, and closed lost.
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    Automated Data Migration:

    RevPartners implemented automation to copy line items from closed-won deals to the Renewal/Upsell pipeline, ensuring a continuous flow of accurate data and creating a comprehensive history of the company's renewal activities.


Enhanced Data Trust and Accuracy

With the new deal structure and automated processes, workvivo gained confidence in their data, leading to improved trust in the information stored in HubSpot. The 10 years of data in HubSpot became accurate and reliable.

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Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis

workvivo now had the capability to analyze recurring vs. non-recurring revenue on a monthly basis, examine various line items (e.g., net new, renewal, upsell), and break down insights by months or quarters. This empowered them to make data-driven decisions.

Increased Revenue Visibility

The implementation of a revenue category breakdown by billing month allowed workvivo to observe a 2-3x increase in average revenue since partnering with RevPartners. They now had visibility into every revenue category and could track performance over time.

Historical Data Management

Through imports, data from spreadsheets, and manual updates, RevPartners ensured that every deal in the system had a detailed line item, updating historical records and providing insights into every customer Workvivo had ever worked with.

Voice of the Customer

Cillian Lordan
Director of Revenue Operations @ workvivo
“RevPartners were instrumental in helping us build solid processes that allowed us to accurately measure & report business progress. This allowed us to have full alignment with our GTM teams, as well as being able to provide proactive actionable insights to our leadership team.
With the help of Brian from RevPartners, we quickly identified some gaps that were preventing us from being able to rely on our CRM as a source of source. Working with Brian, we mapped out the data flows across our customers' journeys. We tackled this in 2 stages, firstly cleaning up all existing records with missing or incomplete data. The second part was implementing automations & standard processes to ensure that the correct data was captured at the correct stage for each and every deal.
The outcome of this is that we now have a standard method of recording all sales deals, we have an automated renewals pipeline and full ARR reporting by customer. Brian helped us leverage products, line items & custom automations within Hubspot to allow us to achieve this.
Overall, our experience of working with RevPartners was extremely positive. Brian, in particular, was fantastic in providing expertise on challenging tasks such as advanced automations & custom integrations. Brian was proactive and supportive, and had a big impact on the performance of our team. His personable approach and willingness to find creative solutions, rather than just settling for the first one, was appreciated. This honesty and dedication set Brian & RevPartners apart.”
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