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Case Study: The Real Deal Automation Process

Customer Info

The Real Deal is the leading real estate news outlet in the US offering digital, print, social media and events. This media company operates through magazine subscriptions, marketing-related services and others to bring the real estate professionals prime information and data specific to the industry. 

  • Full-cycle sales representatives focus on inbound leads, renewals and upsells.
  • Their 1-stage process focuses on inbound lead management. 


Find out how RevPartners saved The Real Deal’s finance team over 40 hours of manual work each week.

The Problem

  • None-existing CRM where the database was spread out along multiple sheets. 
  • Needed to consolidate operations in a way that would free up the team’s time but remain accurate. 
  • Management needed a reliable forecasting tool that would allow a view into sold amounts and revenue amounts. 
  • Reporting by product was not enabled anywhere outside of spreadsheets and forecasting was tedious.
  • The biggest hurdle was implementing flight schedules into the HubSpot Instance.
  • Flight schedules is the term used for the specific media service purchased by each client.
  • Each service is delineated by market and month it is running. 
  • The flight schedules are, ultimately, how the company recognizes revenue and there is a need to know the amount closed versus the amount of revenue.
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The Solution

  1. 1


    Migrated the entire operation over to HubSpot, allowing management to decide the sales team’s ownership of portfolio, new lead distribution and deal customization based on specific sales cycles. 

  2. 2

    Flight Schedules:

    Automated the creation of flight schedules for each deal according to the detailed criteria added at the line item level. 

    • Created a custom object for Flight Schedules in order to accurately and automatically track the services due to each client any given month. 
    • Through created a formula-based integration that calculates the number of flight schedules for any combination of line item + month, resulting in the auto creation of a custom record to track delivery of the service.
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    • Year-over-year reporting trends on sold amounts versus revenue amounts. 
    • Sales forecasting dashboard to track activity and sold amounts by product. 


Better visibility & team performance

The management team has visibility into sales trends, activity and forecasting by product, which allows them to view gaps and properly strategize to meet goals. Management is also able to better gauge team performance at a glance, without having to review multiple spreadsheets at a time.

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Single source of truth

The sales team has a single source of truth where they can see their performance, amount sold, revenue and ultimately, understand goal attainment in real time. 


Flight schedules used to be created manually - sometimes dozens per deal - and gave way to a lot of human error. Now the automatic creation of flight schedules has freed up the finance team’s time to focus on account payables and receivables.

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