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Enhancing the HubSpot Experience with QuotaPath’s Sales Compensation Integration

Posted by Kelly O'Halloran/QuotaPath Team on August 19, 2022

HubSpot today boasts over 1,000 integrations to back its digital-first approach for marketing teams, sales, operations, and everything in between.

And there, with HubSpot’s swelling marketplace sits QuotaPath, front and center, in the sales enablement and commission tracking category.

We’ve invested a lot of time and resources to strengthen our integration with the big orange CRM, including becoming a HubSpot-certified app and building out a two-way integration. 

To learn more about QuotaPath’s HubSpot commission tracking integration, we turned to our integrations Lead Engineer James Truty. 

Below, he describes the evolution of the integration, our relationship with HubSpot, and how QuotaPath will support the CRM of the future moving forward. 

Meet James, QuotaPath Engineering Lead, Systems

James joined QuotaPath in 2019, as one of the first employees at the company. The engineer boasts 15 years of experience, five of which he spent at TrendKite where he met QuotaPath Co-Founders AJ Bruno and Cole Evetts. When James isn’t at the office, you can find him at an Austin brewery with his wife and kids, exploring a new park, or riding his bicycle. 

At QuotaPath, James led the sales compensation management platform through its first integration in 2019 with Salesforce. A year later, he led the integration with HubSpot. Since then, he’s led the deployment of a flurry of other integrations, as well as the evolution of our existing ones, especially with HubSpot. 

QuotaPath’s Ongoing Relationship with HubSpot

Those steps in 2020 to integrate QuotaPath and HubSpot set off the blossoming relationship that continues to grow strongly today shared between the two platforms. 

For instance, just months after announcing QuotaPath’s HubSpot integration, HubSpot invested in QuotaPath via HubSpot Ventures.

“For sales teams, the CRM is the center of every customer interaction. QuotaPath helps by bringing a part of the CRM that doesn’t exist today — there’s no real way to calculate earnings and commissions off of CRM data,” wrote Brandon Greer in HubSpot’s announcement.

Then last year, QuotaPath unleashed the ability for HubSpot users to view their QuotaPath-tracked commission data directly in HubSpot. Called QuotaPath Earnings, this allowed users to see real-time and forecasted commissions based on their pipeline without having to toggle between the two systems. 

More recently, in Spring 2022, James led the initiative for the QuotaPath app to earn its HubSpot certified credentials by passing additional HubSpot tests and security protocols. Now we get a cool badge on our page in the marketplace. 

So, as leaders look to strengthen their tech stacks with HubSpot at the helm, what can they expect from the QuotaPath integration when looking to automate their sales compensation process? 

We turn to James Truty.

Before we get into HubSpot specifically, from a technical perspective, what goes into a strong integration?

James: A good integration begins with documentation and good tooling for our team of developers. The fastest integrations with the fewest resources are the ones that are documented really well. For example, CRM integrations require a lot of test data and test accounts, which can be burdensome and cost-heavy. When you have that information and data upfront and accessible, it makes the CRM integration process smoother and easier. 

What was your experience like working with HubSpot to move the integration along?

James: We worked really closely with HubSpot from the beginning to build a native integration through our platform. This was a big differentiator over the previous system integration we had completed with a competing CRM. We knew what to test. We knew that we could turn out a smooth integration with very few clicks and have that be useful for importing a HubSpot customer’s data over and keeping it synced.

How QuotaPath’s native integration with HubSpot has evolved. What’s next? 

James: At first, we only supported HubSpot “Deals” in QuotaPath. Since then, we added objects as customers have needed them, such as “Tickets.” This gives teams the ability to define commissions off more than the deal value. Meaning that some teams might pay a sales rep commissions when the deal closes based on the deal amount. But another team might pay reps based on tickets closed. By supporting multiple objects and fields within those objects, we provided users the flexibility to track and automate commissions to align with how they actually earn their variable pay.

Up next, we’ll continue to build support for more objects and fields that will help us better support other sales roles, like SDRs, through commission events. 

Lastly, you led QuotaPath’s HubSpot certification on the app marketplace. Can you tell us more about that?

James: Our app passed an additional technical review conducted by an internal HubSpot team of developers. These tests evaluated the speed of application, security of our data, and a few other items. We had already met most of HubSpot’s requirements during the initial integration rollout. When we applied for certification, it took just over a week to finalize. 

HubSpot’s Certification Metrics for QuotaPath:

  • Success rate above 98% for all activities (HubSpot requires 95%)
  • 100+ Customers using integration (HubSpot requires six)
  • Authenticated via OAuth and assessed for HubSpot’s security best practices
  • Numerous other metrics tied to privacy, reliability, performance, and usability

Final Thoughts 

“We’ve had good support and feedback from our HubSpot customers overall,” said James. “They like that it’s quick to use and quick to set up. We want to continue that as we build more features and integrations.”

If you’re already utilizing HubSpot and thinking about using QuotaPath to help track commissions and earnings, you’re already halfway there! Next up, see your earnings data from HubSpot live by signing up for a free account or by booking time with the QuotaPath team.

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