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RP Solutions to 6 Recent RevOps Questions

RevOps Question + Solutions
Posted by Kimberly Holcomb on January 14, 2022
Kimberly Holcomb
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RP Strategists Answer Questions in the Ops Community

We love engaging in the online RevOps community, especially when it come's to answering your questions about HubSpot, CRMs, and why revenue operations is the future.  

Whatever the question, our team will not be stumped! We believe in not "hoarding awesome" and will share any and all knowledge freely. 

So, in that spirit, here are some recent Q+A from the community:

Question #1: RevOps at Early Stage

"Hi all - I’d love some recommendations on how to build out our RevOps org in the early stages of a company?"


- 100 person company, looking to expand to 200 by the end of the year.

- RevOps function is currently is a 2 person team that will bring on 1 more person this quarter, and will report to the COO for the foreseeable future. 


First: We'd like to recommend The RevOps Manifesto as a framework to think about RevOps and as a foundation for recommendations on building the team.

Additionally, at HubSpot's INBOUND conference this year, there were numerous sessions that spoke specifically to leaders trying to start implementing RevOps and a revenue operation team at their company. You can find highlights and key points from each of those revops session on this recap blog as well as a link to the sessions!


Question #2: Commission for SaaS Structure

"Hi Everyone! I'm working on setting up a commission structure for a SaaS-like business. Was wondering if I can get some guidance from other people more experienced? Thanks!"


At RevPartners we love QuotaPath and they have great content around this! You can even book a free consultation with them to set up your compensation plan strategy. 

"In a half hour, Graham helped me rebuild our comp plan to be better for both the reps AND the company."


Question #3: HubSpot/WhatApp Integration

"Does anyone have a recommendation for a HubSpot/WhatApp integration?" - Rose


Thanks, Grant :) 


Question #4: HubSpot, GSuite, and Slack 

"I'm curious if any of the members here use Slack + HubSpot + Google Calendar? We are currently investigating how we could connect these three. I would be glad to chat about how you do it."


This reply was actually given over a call where a member of the RP Team went over in detail how our team uses the three platforms synchronously. 

We do have a video resource that explores the options with the HubSpot and GSuite integration:


Question #5: Prevent Form Submission from .edu/.gov

"I would like to prevent .edu and .gov's from signing up on a form. I know you can block fermium and other specific domains. But does anyone know how to block based on the .edu/.gov variable?"


This problem is especially difficult because HubSpot only allows you to block known and specific domains. Luckily, there are a couple of solutions!

  1. Solution #1: Create a list of all known .edu / .gov and add to email block

    1. Good: It works pre form submission

    2. Bad: Manual and you will have to continually add if you miss domains

  2. Solution #2: Solve for the issue post form submission via a workflow

    1. Good: It works; much less custom; requires less monitoring 

    2. Bad: Form submission number will be skewed. You will need to filter reporting based on list (not form submission).

Here is more on the solution options from HubSpot.

Question #6: HubSpot Timestamps

"I am trying to solve for HubSpot’s close date being in ET, but changing to UTC when entered into SaaSOptics.  Trying to solve for this on the HubSpot side.  Anyone else adjusting for this in HubSpot?"


Rep closes a deal at 10pm ET on 1/2/2022, and the close date that SaaSOptics gets out of the API for that field is 2am UTC on 1/3/2022. The close date is no longer the same date as it is in HubSpot.


Our team of HS geniuses weighed in. They said, "HubSpot stores dates in Unix format and there is a way to correctly format your timestamps."

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