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HubSpot + RP: New Operations Hub Launch Makes The Impossible Possible

Automating revenue operations using Hubspot's Operation Hub & RevPartners
Posted by Matt Bolian on April 21, 2021
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The Mission Of Democratizing RevOps For Scaling Companies Is Catching On

Nothing is Impossible - Automation at Your Fingertips with HubSpot

Today our partners at HubSpot made a monumental step in the direction of reimagining operations by launching a new product that equips ops teams to live up to their strategic potential. It is thrilling to see the mission of democratizing RevOps for scaling companies taking off through our partnership with HubSpot. 

Research conducted by HubSpot found that operations teams spend 80% of their time processing data and putting out fires and only 20% driving business strategy and improving the customer experience. They have the knowledge and desire to be a lynchpin for your business, but they end up spending more time fighting growing pains than propelling growth. It’s time to flip that script. 

Drumroll please. 

Introducing Operations Hub 

Unlike siloed data tools, Operations Hub combines an ops team’s full toolkit into a CRM platform, uniting all your customer data on one connected platform. The result? 

  • More efficient, aligned, and agile business 
  • Unhindered and strategic ops team
  • Friction-free customer experience

For operations teams that want to spend less time fighting fires and more time driving strategic business value, Operations Hub supercharges HubSpot CRM by combining Sales Hub, CMS Hub, Marketing Hub, and Service Hub.  This unified toolset connects your client’s apps, cleans their customer data, and automates business processes as part of HubSpot's easy and powerful CRM platform.

Why is this such a big, darn deal.

A Truly Connected CRM

Keep your customer data in sync across all your business apps, two ways and in real time— no third-party integration tools required. Save hours of manual data entry for your ops teams, and empower and align your teams with dependable, consistent, and up-to-date data. Some of these popular features include: 

  • Data Sync - Bidirectional sync, custom field mappings, filtering, and historical syncing all help align your team.
  • Workflow Extensions - Trigger actions in third-party systems—a Slack message, a Zoom invite, an Asana task, and dozens more—from your HubSpot workflows.
  • Team Management and Permissions - Keep your team organized and efficient by ensuring every user has access to the right assets. Quickly view and manage agent permissions, status, and availability across your team.

A Database That Cleans Itself 

Your customer experience is only as clean as the data that powers it. With Operations Hub, ensuring data quality isn’t just easy; it’s automatic. Declutter date properties, cleanup country codes, polish up phone number fields, and more — faster than you can say “export and import.” In HubSpot Terms, it’s called Data Quality Automation. 

  • Data Quality Automation - Eliminate time-consuming data cleanup. Automatically fix date properties, format names, and more with new out-of-the-box automations.

Automation As Flexible As Your Imagination 

As online touch points multiply, automation keeps your team efficient and your customer experience consistent. With Operations Hub, set up custom automation to remove friction from your entire business process, adapt to ever-changing customer needs, and ensure your company runs smoothly as it scales. Here’s how:

  • CustomProperties  Enjoy the flexibility to store and customize all your data in HubSpot. Slice and dice custom property data into reports, and build dashboards to share insights with your team.
  • Programmable Automation - Keep your team efficient and customers happy. Code custom automation actions for every business process—lead rotation, territory management, renewals, and more.

Any integration, any workflow, any mountaintop - it is all now possible in HubSpot leveraging the Operations Hub.

And All The Ops People Said, “Amen”

A Look Into The Future Of Operations

In the past, operations have held the common goal of increasing efficiency of teams and improving the company’s ability to deliver services that delight customers.  But because the traditional model for operations professionals is that they work in siloed spheres within their department, the approach to this goal lacks alignment and cohesive vision across the company. This fragmented, Frankenstein approach is no longer the way forward for scaling companies.  With Operations Hub, RevOps engine architects will finally have a tool in their toolkit that equips them to drive growth and unleashes their potential as a unified force. But how do you know if it is the way forward for your organization specifically?

Let’s take a look. 

  • Have you already been using data cleansing tools?  
  • Do you still feel that messy, inconsistent data is creating friction for your internal team, as well as your customer? 
  • Do you have a large (20+ workflows) across multiple objects? 
  • Are you a current HubSpot Customer with multiple Hubs?
  • Are you connecting things through Zapier and your Zapier budget is getting out of hand?

If your answer was “yes” to any of those questions, you are likely a great fit for Operations Hub.

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