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RevPartners and Aircall Team Up to Supercharge Your Sales + Support in HubSpot

Howdy Partner!

** Ring Ring!**

Aircall:  Hello?

RevPartners:  Hey, Aircall….It’s RevPartners!  We just wanted to say that we think you’re awesome.

Aircall:  What a coincidence, we think you’re awesome too!

RevPartners:  Should we form a channel partnership?

Aircall:  It would be crazy NOT to!

RevPartners/Aircall (simultaneously):  This is going to be great!

step brothers gif  

Ok, so maybe it didn’t happen exactly like that, but the partnership part is all true.  At RevPartners, we’re excited to team up with a company whose services and tools we love!

So why Aircall?  Aircall is RevPartner’s preferred external dialer that allows sales and service teams with a high-volume of calls to manage their activities within HubSpot.

How Aircall can Help Customers Do More with HubSpot

If you know anything about CRMs, then you know HubSpot is great.

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But (the right) integrations make it even better.  

Case in point:  Aircall’s HubSpot integration.  Companies with teams of 5+ usually need to manage incoming and outgoing calls outside of the simple functionality that HubSpot offers. Specifically in the case of VOIPs, call routing and others.   

Benefits of Integrating Aircall with HubSpot

Better Data

The integration allows for tracking and reporting on calls and call-related data, providing valuable insights into the performance of reps and the overall sales and support process.  All your call data becomes available within HubSpot for native reporting and workflow triggers.

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Improved Customer Experience

Aircall's Call-Pop automatically delivers vital information to your sales reps and support agents before they answer incoming calls.  With access to complete customer data, reps can provide a more informed, helpful experience for customers.

Streamlined Sales Process

With the integration, reps can quickly log and update information during calls, helping to streamline the sales process and close deals faster.

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Aircall’s iPhone and Android mobile app can be used to keep your HubSpot data up to date, no matter where you are. Make remote work easy and log important information in real-time, even if your team is out of the office.

Aircall Best Practices

Aircall has the implementation process down to a science.

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Here’s how they do it:

Define Users and Use Cases

If you fail to plan, then you’ve planned to fail.  Aircall embodies this mantra by meticulously reviewing the task before diving in.

Goal:  Define the number of users and teams that will be assigned licenses within Aircall.

Action:  Aircall first ensures all teams and users have HubSpot access, and then reviews the inbound and outbound needs for each team.  

Goal:   Understand the Aircall use cases for each team.

Action:  Map all incoming and outgoing call routing needs by team.   

Goal:  Define phone numbers to be used by each team

Action:  Get information from partners on whether they want to port existing numbers into Aircall or create brand new numbers.


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HubSpot Data Review 

Goal:  Understand which HubSpot properties are being used at the contact and company level to hold phone number information and ensure all phone numbers are being entered using a single format.

Action #1:  Upon integration completion, Aircall will search HubSpot Phone Number fields at the contact and company level to match incoming calls to associated records in HubSpot.

Action #2:  Identifying/relaying to partner fields Aircall will use.

  • Contact: Phone Number, Mobile Number
  • Company: Phone Number, Mobile Number
  • Custom properties will not be taken into consideration

Action #3:  Suggest partners use the Mobile Number field as the main field and to add phone numbers without the HubSpot default “phone number” format.

Aircall <> HubSpot Integration

This is where the real magic happens.  

Goal:  Understanding the possible Aircall <> Hubspot integrations

Action:  Convey to partner that Aircall has two integration options with HubSpot

  • default integration:  allows for bidirectional sync of contacts, companies and activities
  • custom integration:  allows for custom property mapping (only applicable if partner has paid Ops Hub subscription)

Goal:  Connect Aircall with HubSpot

Action #1:  Go to Aircall > log in

Action #2:  On the left hand sidebar, click on “Integrations & API” > look for HubSpot > click on the HubSpot logo.

Action #3:  Follow the steps to choose the HubSpot account you’re integrating with and click on Authorize.

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A RevOps Relationship

At RevPartners, we’re all about building revenue growth engines for our customers while providing more experience, less risk, and better value.  So when we see tools that will be rocket fuel for revenue growth, we get excited!

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The Aircall-HubSpot integration is all about better communication and collaboration between teams and better customer experiences.  The result?  BIG increases in revenue.  And at RP we love to do it BIG!

Want to learn more about the Hubolution?

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