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How to Connect Your Email to HubSpot


HubSpot CRM has many tools to help you stay organized. You can even add another email account to your HubSpot account using their email integration feature.

To do this, click the settings icon on the top of the page, to the right of the dropdown menu. Then, go to the “General” section and select the “Email” tab.

Click on the box labeled “Connect personal email” and select your email provider. Select the checkbox next to “Turn on inbox automation.” Selecting this will give HubSpot permission to log and track future incoming and outgoing emails. Through this feature, tracked emails will be automatically scanned by AI to create a contact record if one doesn’t already exist or if there is information missing.

After reading the terms and conditions, click “continue” and you will be sent to log into the email you want to add.

Now you can send emails from your personal email or directly from your HubSpot CRM.

There are other features available that might be beneficial. For example, HubSpot sales tools can even help you create perfect email replies. Be sure to use these features to your

Video Tutorial

Video Transcript

To connect a personal email inbox, go to your settings, then go to the general section, email. And then from here, I already have an inbox setup, but to connect a new one you click connect personal email, then select your email client, in this example I'll use Google, and then click turn on email automation connect inbox, there'll be some legal language here, click continue.

Then it will kick you to log into your Gmail account and from there you'll follow the steps to sign into your Gmail account or Outlook account, and then you'll have your inbox connected to HubSpot.

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