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HubSpot Sales Hub Onboarding

What is HubSpot’s Sales Hub?

Choosing the right CRM for your company can be difficult.  I’m kidding, it’s easy.  Just use the best, HubSpot!  HubSpot offers a wide array of tiering and hub options.  These hubs can be purchased bundled together via the HubSpot Growth Suite or individually.  One of the most popular options is Sales Hub.

Do you enjoy writing the same email over and over again?  If so, we may need to have an intervention.  If not, then HubSpot’s Sales Hub is probably for you.  

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The automation features of this hub help to eliminate time-consuming tasks so you can communicate with and manage leads better.  Simplified deal cycles?  Check.  An increase in overall sales performance?  Double check.  

HubSpot’s Sales Hub is absolute fire and something that is necessary for any company that is serious about optimizing their sales processes.   

It’s Time For Your HubSpot Sales Hub Onboarding Plan

To take full advantage of all that HubSpot’s Sales Hub has to offer, you’ll need to take part in the onboarding plan.  This is especially true for the Professional and Enterprise tier levels as these are typically purchased by companies with complex procedures and business use cases. 

The onboarding for HubSpot’s Sales Hub can be carried out by one of two entities:  

  • HubSpot itself 
  • HubSpot Agency Partner 

First, let’s look at how HubSpot tackles it.

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Sales Hub Onboarding with HubSpot

Onboarding with HubSpot has its pros and cons.  The upside?  You know you’re getting a trusted HubSpot expert to assist you.  The downside? HubSpot provides less services than an agency partner.  

Here’s what to expect when you choose to onboard with HubSpot for their Sales Hub:

Account and Tech Setup

This initial stage is all about understanding the basics and fundamentals of HubSpot and getting everyone up to speed.  Some company employees might already be HubSpot experts and some may not even know to capitalize the ‘S’ (unpardonable sin).  

Because HubSpot has so many tools, understanding them all is key to getting the most value out of your purchase.  Some of the areas you’ll receive guidance on in this stage include:

  • Connection of personal email inboxes
  • Inviting your team
  • Creation of custom properties
  • The importing of your contacts, deals, etc into HubSpot
  • Setting up your deal currencies
  • External system integrations

Primary Goals

The following three stages will involve the completion of three primary goals.  These goals can vary from company to company, but in general they tend to revolve around automation and scaling.

Completion of First Goal (sample:  Connecting with Prospects)

Connecting with prospects in an optimal way is a typical goal for a company that chooses to go with HubSpot’s Sales Hub.  Here’s what to expect with a goal related to this:

  • Configuring live chat on your webpages
  • Getting acclimated with the Meetings tool:  connecting email and calendar
  • Email scheduling
  • Guidance on emailing prospects directly from the CRM
Completion of Second Goal (sample:  Automate your Sales Process)

The reduction of mind-numbingly tedious tasks is one of the main reasons to go with HubSpot.  Automation reduces human error and frees up time, your most valuable resource.  An automation goal would provide guidance on the following:

  • Automating the pipeline through the creation of deal stages
  • The customization of deal pipelines
  • The automation of lead rotation to sales reps
  • Automation of sales processes through the setup of workflow extensions

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Completion of Third Goal (sample: Personalize your Outreach at Scale)

If you want to build trust with qualified leads, then you need personalization.  Here’s what to expect when receiving guidance on a goal related to this:

  • The addition of videos to CRM emails
  • The elimination of manual work through the creation of sequence queues
  • Using the meetings tool to eliminate “tag, you’re it” communication
  • The setting up of quotes to get deals closed faster
  • Creation of your product library

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Onboarding Completion/Transition

Following the completion of your three selected primary goals, your onboarding process is essentially complete.  During this period, HubSpot will work with you to determine appropriate future goals to ensure that you are getting the most value out of your Sales Hub purchase.

Sales Hub Onboarding Experience with a HubSpot Agency Partner

Treat Your CRM Like a Product.  Not a Project.

Explore the benefits of HubSpot onboarding with an Elite Partner.


Sales Hub onboarding done via a HubSpot agency partner carries the advantage of offering more services with a plan tailored specifically towards a company’s needs.  

The disadvantage is that not all agency partners are created equal (e.g. some may lack expertise while others may have it in spades; also, sometimes pricing can vary significantly).  It is imperative that you research the proper agency partner for your particular set of circumstances.

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Because each agency is different, there will be varied approaches to onboarding HubSpot’s Sales Hub, although a fair amount of overlap is to be expected.  Choosing the right agency for your company comes down to these areas:

  • Pricing
  • Basic/Premium Options
  • Length of Time
  • Level of Personalization
  • Comparison to HubSpot


Some partners will cost more than others.  A thorough review of an agency’s HubSpot onboarding offerings will help in assessing if the price is right for your company.  Also, be aware that sometimes initial pricing can differ from final pricing, which can cause friction in the process.

Basic/Premium Options

Most, if not all, agencies will offer some form of tiered service options.  Deciding which level is right for your Sales Hub purchase will often come down to how experienced your current employees are with HubSpot and price considerations.  The premium onboarding packages obviously tend to be more expensive than the basic ones. 

Length of Time

Onboarding with HubSpot takes about 2-3 months.  If an agency partner is wildly off of this mark (e.g. 1 week onboarding) it may be a red flag.  Try to find a balance between setting aside enough time to adequately train each employee and not burning valuable work time. 

Level of Personalization

The main benefit of agency partner onboarding is the personalization aspect.  Choosing an agency that aligns to your company’s core needs and timeline is essential.

Comparison to HubSpot

It’s important to know exactly what you’re getting with your Sales Hub onboarding service.  Comparing an agency’s offerings to HubSpot’s can help a company to see the potential value in choosing one agency over the other, or in choosing an agency over HubSpot.  

Purchasing HubSpot’s Sales Hub

The decision on whether or not to purchase HubSpot’s Sales Hub is an easy one.  

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