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RevPartners, Record-Holding HubSpot Partner, Hits Diamond Tier in 5 Months

Fastest HubSpot Solutions Partner to Hit Diamond in the World

In January 2021, we made a company goal to hit the Diamond Tier in HubSpot.  During our kickoff call with HubSpot, we briefed our intention to “Shine Like a Diamond” to our HubSpot Partner Team (our Channel Consultant and Channel Account Manager) and they chuckled.  They didn’t overtly say, RevPartners is crazy.”  But, it was clear that was what they were thinking: Do these guys understand how HubSpot tiering works? Are they for real or just crazy? Do they understand what they are saying? Who gets Diamond in a year - it’s nearly impossible; it takes people years to get Diamond. We’ve heard this before - a partner who talks , but doesn’t deliver. 

The Truth: Yes we are a little crazy.  And no, we had no clue how tiering worked.  If we did, we would have given them a different goal. 

We would have said, “We will be an Elite Tier HubSpot Solution partner within 12 months.” 

"During our kick-off call, RevPartners committed to be a Diamond Partner by the end of 2021. Understanding their business, background, and expertise, I knew they were very capable of hitting this goal. What I didn’t know was that they would hit Diamond in record time! It’s been amazing to witness RevPartners' growth and success within HubSpot’s Partner Program. They really leaned into the platform, built internal relationships, and led with best practices. Congratulations RevPartners!"

Nicole Reyes, HubSpot Channel Consultant

Today we get to say, not only are we the fastest HubSpot Solutions Partner to achieve the platinum tier, we are also the fastest partner to hit the Diamond tier.  We hit platinum in 3 months and Diamond in 5 months.

“You often hear a new partner say - we're all in on HubSpot. Rarely do you get companies who then deliver on that promise like this. RevPartners not only delivered, they exceeded my expectations. Being the fastest HubSpot Solutions Partner to Diamond is an incredible achievement. I'm excited to see what is next for RevPartners; they are lightning in a bottle."

Nick Saltzman, HubSpot Channel Account Manager

Let’s put our record-breaking HubSpot tiering in perspective.

Quantity: 2% of the 5,500 HubSpot Solutions partners are Diamond or above. In other words, not many :) In fact, we are 1 of 4 Diamond Partners to have an office in the state of Georgia.

Time: Usually it takes a company several years to reach the diamond. One source said it takes as long as 7 years for partners to hit the milestone. RevPartners achieved Diamond tier in 5 months.

"RevPartners has worked incredibly hard to reach the Diamond tier in just five months, which is a testament to their commitment to serving their customers. Congratulations to the team on this exciting achievement.”  Channing Ferrer, HubSpot VP Sales Operations and Strategy

To I̶n̶f̶i̶n̶i̶t̶y̶ Elite and Beyond

When we started the company, Brendan and I made an internal strategy document. One of those pillars is called - HubSpot Heroes. In that pillar, we outline several goals - the first one being to become a Diamond tier HubSpot Solutions Partner by the end of the year. And, well, we hit that goal in 5 months.

New Goal = Elite by the end of the year . Less than 1% of the 5500 (28 to be exact) achieved Elite Status.

We want to give a special thanks to our friends, teammates, and partners that have helped propel us to this point. Achievements like this do not happen by accident nor in isolation; It takes a village. 

Partners Make The World Go Round

Here are recent reviews we received from our clients during our journey to HubSpot Platinum and Diamond tiers. You can view them in the partner directory here.

When I was considering changing our CRM to HubSpot, I received the advice to hire an onboarding team, no matter what. And it was definitely the best advice I received.  RevPartners has been key to us, not only understanding HubSpot and all that it can do for our organization, but implementing it and making our sales process stronger.  At our 40+ year old company, we had used the same CRM for the past 20 years.  So this was a HUGE change for the company.  But Matt has been able to take our current process, explain ways to tweak it to make it better but also still fit into how we've always run our business, so we can go from being good to great! I  really can't recommend RevPartners more.  If you do HubSpot, you MUST do RevPartners! - Lacey S.


RevPartners = HubSpot Magicians.  They are knowledgeable about anything related to revenue operations and how to best leverage HubSpot to make sales and marketing magic.  I highly recommend them and refer them to anyone that needs HubSpot (or revenue operations) advice or help. - David Q.


Learning that our company was going to be transitioning into HubSpot was great news since we would be able to consolidate our existing systems, but once our team scoped out how extensive this project would be, we realized this was an even bigger project than we imagined. Thankfully, Matt and his team were there to guide us through the process in detail. Suddenly, all of the nerves went away knowing that we had an expert working alongside us. Having Matt as our "Project Manager" allowed us to ramp up and have a soft launch within a couple of weeks which will allow our team more time to conduct testing before our launch date.  Matt's knowledge of our CRM and HubSpot's capabilities made this project go smoothly.  We couldn't recommend anyone else to have on your team with robust projects such as this. Thanks all!           - BJ A.


As a SaaS company, we work on over 5 different platforms and understood migrating into HubSpot was a massive project and very time-consuming.  Matt's response time and ability to answer any question we've thrown at him is phenomenal and unmatched by any partner we've worked with.  We'd recommend RevPartners to anyone looking to get just started with HubSpot.  Keep up the great work! - James M.


They helped us migrate from Salesforce to HubSpot CRM/Sales and made the entire process SO much easier and FASTER than I ever thought possible.  The constant communication during the migration process went over and beyond what was expected and we just couldn't be happier! - Liz M.

How RevPartners Became The Fastest Tiering HubSpot Solution Partner

Punto number uno here is easy.  WE ARE NOT A MARKETING AGENCY.   Yes, that’s our secret.  What does this “Unagency” approach mean?

Our “Unagency” approach is best summarized like this: We build growth engines; Agencies build scooters.

Veteran Revenue Practitioners vs. Marketing Minions

We partner with Revenue Leaders (CEOs, CROs, CMOs) to achieve their revenue goals through a complete go-to-market strategy - Direct Sales, Channel Sales, Inbound Marketing, and Pipeline Management. We have the horsepower to both do strategy and tactically execute the strategy. 

Agencies take orders, post blogs, create forms, and create landings pages.

RevOps Data Scientist vs. Marketing Musicians

We take chaotic CRM data and turn the mess into a revenue engine that creates data - CAC, Stage Conversions, Close Rations, etc - to make data-informed decisions.

Agencies promise a smooth, marketing jazz quartet; instead they deliver more noise, adding chaos to your plate. 

Executive Chief of Staff vs. Marketing Role Players

We run meetings, take notes, deconstruct complex problems into consumable chunks, track dates, assign roles and responsibilities, have uncomfortable conversations when deliverables are late, do things you don’t ask for, and move with SPEED and PRECISION.

Agencies defer to you and rely on your judgement and brainpower to fuel their marketing strategies. 

You can’t afford to drive a scooter any longer. You deserve a revenue engine that wins. 

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