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Changing Pipeline View in HubSpot


No matter what you’re dealing with, HubSpot’s blog, marketing, and sales tools are there to help you. HubSpot’s CRM and Sales Hub particularly have ways to ensure organization and a smooth sales process.

Deal pipelines provide your sales team with a visual representation of your sales deals, while deal stages are the steps in the pipeline that the deal is going through. Sales Hub Professional or Enterprise accounts can use more than one pipeline to sort deals.

From the deals board, you can view any previously created deal, and you can also change how they’re viewed. First, open the dropdown menu by clicking “All pipelines” to select the one you want to view. Then, you can also change the viewing format by clicking the box that has three horizontal lines on top of each other. You can find this box to the left of the “All pipelines” dropdown menu.

Once you’ve moved to this stage, now you can view all the deals in a list format. You can also go back to the previous View format by clicking on the box to its right.

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See below for one of our free online video lessons on how to change a deal’s pipeline in HubSpot.

Video Tutorial

Video Transcription

Changing your view of the deals that you have in your pipeline is quite simple to do. The first thing to do is make sure that you're on the deals page.

You can come to sales, select deals, and you'll notice up on the top bar, next to deals, you have a dropdown menu. Currently, I'm in the sales pipeline. I can go ahead and open this up and all of your pipelines will show here.

To navigate to a different pipeline, just select any other pipeline, that will show up here. I only have the one so I will leave it here. However, if you have multiple, go ahead and select whichever pipeline you want to be in.

I also recommend that you stay within this view, this kind of Trello view, where you can actually see and visualize what deals you have and what stage they're in.

However, if you want to get a list of the deals that you have or if you want to view all of the deals that you have in all of your pipelines, next to the pipeline dropdown, you'll see this little hamburger button.

Go ahead and select that. You'll see all of the deals that are available and you'll notice that it's set to all pipelines. You can go ahead and change this if you want to using the same method, opening it up and showing everything that's in a particular pipeline as well.

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