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How to Create a Deal in HubSpot

What are Deals in HubSpot?

Every sales team operating within the HubSpot CRM should be very familiar with deals in their HubSpot account.  This is where you track every detail related to the deals and opportunities within your sales pipeline. The deal record will show all historical events like initial sales calls or email exchanges as well as important info regarding the deal amount, close dates, and stage in the pipeline.  Keep your sales engagements organized and efficient so you can close deals like nobody's business!  First step: Creating a deal. 

Video Transcription 

If I want to create a deal, first I need to navigate to the deals page by opening up the Sales dropdown and then selecting Deals. Once I'm in here, I can navigate to the specific pipeline that I want to edit, but I want to come to the top right and select Create Deal. 

Once I do that, a sidebar will open. I can go ahead and put in the name of my deal, and I can also edit which pipeline it will be assigned to. It will default to whatever pipeline you are in, and it will default to the first deal stage, although you could technically move it to another stage if that was necessary.

I also have a couple of other options in here to fill out, amount, close date, et cetera, the deal owner, and a couple of other options. 

I can also associate the deal directly from my creation page, with specific companies, with specific contacts and I can also add line items when I'm creating the deal as well. 

I'm going to go ahead and skip that part for now and mark create. Once I've done that, HubSpot will reload and will then take me to the new deal that I've created.

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