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How to Change a Deal's Pipeline in HubSpot


Right deal, wrong pipeline? No worries!

If the deal stage and pipeline assigned at the creation of the deal need to be adjusted, HubSpot makes it as simple as opening the dropdown menu from the preview page and selecting the correct sales pipeline.  Watch below for specifics.

Note: To edit the deal stages themselves or add a deal stage, you will need to go to your object settings rather than the deal preview page. 

Video Instructions

Video Transcription 

If for some reason I need to change the pipeline that a deal is assigned to, I can do it directly from this deal's page here. All I need to do is open up the preview, and this can also be done from the deal record itself, but I find it simplest to do from the preview page here.

You'll see that currently it's in the renewals pipeline. All I need to do is open this dropdown up and I can select whatever pipeline it should be assigned to. It's going to ask me basically to confirm which pipeline it's supposed to be assigned to and then also to confirm the stage that it should go in. I'm going to move this to the first stage for this pipeline here.

It's going to ask if I have, in this case, scheduled a discovery call. Any sort of mandatory properties that are necessary will be shown here as well as non-mandatory properties. You can differentiate the two between, if there's an asterisk or not. Once I fill this out, I can go ahead and select save. And as I move over here to the new sales certification, you'll see that the deal has now moved into the new sales certification pipeline.

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