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Garden City Companies invests in RevPartners to Accelerate Growth

RevPartners, a managed service provider for revenue and sales operations to scaling companies, secured a notable investment from Garden City Companies.

Who is Garden City Companies | Why They Invested

Garden City is a purpose-driven holding company on a mission to build the best service companies in the world through culture and technology. Along with their investment, they will help scale RevPartners through their world-class advisory board which consists of leaders who have personally built multi-billion dollar companies such as DocuSign, Lyft, Ritz Carlton, VMware, Costco, HPE, Uber, Salesloft, Square, Terminus, Equifax, and others. Garden City understands the importance of investing in revenue operations, albeit sales ops, marketing ops, or customer success ops, to ensure the flywheel momentum of your business isn’t compromised.

“In order for any company to scale and run efficiently, they must invest in sales operations; however it’s difficult and expensive to build out in-house. RevPartners solves this with their ‘turn-key’ outsourced, managed service offering. Companies can now increase their revenue with less overhead and more profits.”

Michael  Arrieta, Founder & CEO of Garden City and former executive at DocuSign.

In addition to Garden City, RevPartners is thrilled to have Rob Forman, Co-Founder, President and Chief Strategy Officer of SalesLoft, serve as a strategic advisor, as well as Chad Merill from Impact 252.

Revenue Operations as a Service

The Buyer's Journey Has Changed.

Your customers expect a seamless experience at every stage of their journey. But as your company grows, silos naturally form, creating misalignment across your go-to-market team. RevPartners attacks this friction tax that is holding your business back.

The goal of reducing friction is to increase the velocity of your revenue teams (marketing, sales, customer success, etc.) by making their experience as effortless as possible. When this happens, you create a delightful experience for the customer and that is your next frontier of growth. Therefore, if you are a fast-growing business, the question isn’t if you are going to invest in revenue operations but how.

How To Address Revenue Operations

In the past, there was only one way to solve the friction complexity created. Purchase a tool that will "decrease" friction or hire a full-time, in-house resource. Both are expensive and risky.

"Revenue operations is a core competency for any scaling B2B company. It's no longer a nice-to-have. We've seen this firsthand at Salesloft. RevPartners empowers companies to focus on growth without slowing you down."

Rob Forman, Co-Founder, President and Chief Strategy Officer of Sales Loft

RevPartners’ managed services model addresses this market gap of reducing the friction caused by growth with more experience, less risk and better value. The RevPartners guarantee is to increase your revenue with less overhead, giving you the control and visibility you’ve always wanted.

Purpose of Investment

Looking ahead, “this investment will supercharge our delivery team and further enable RevPartners’ operational excellence to help our customer become even more awesome,” said Matt Bolian, COO of RevPartners.

So thanks to our customers and Garden City for trusting RevPartners with your business. We promise to always be good stewards of your investment.

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