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Working Through a Task List in HubSpot

About Task Lists in HubSpot

Standing first in line in HubSpot's fan group are sales professionals. Why? One reason is how simple HubSpot makes accomplishing daily sales tasks through HubSpot's task management features within Sales Hub and Service Hub. 

You can begin accomplishing all assigned tasks or create new tasks at the "Tasks" view in Sales Hub.  Navigating through your task queue through HubSpot will help your sales team stay streamlines in their sales engagements and let nothing slip through the cracks. 

Watch this demonstration on how to whiz through your assigned tasks from your sales team. 

Video Instructions 

Video Transcription 

To complete your tasks. It's quite simple. If you set it up within whatever view you want to work on so that whatever tasks are shown are the tasks that you want to accomplish in that particular moment. 

Now, I can't do it here because of the sandbox that I'm in. But in your case, go ahead and select start three tasks. It's going to go ahead and take you to your first task on the contact, where you have the task due. 

You then have the option, and you'll see here that you have the task title, what the task actually is, up at the top of your contacts. That way you know what you're actually trying to accomplish here.

You have the option to go ahead and reschedule this. So I can go ahead and select a new due date and a new due time and save that. Or I can go ahead and skip this, or I can go ahead and mark this as complete. 

When I go ahead and mark this as complete, you can go ahead and select next. Again I'm in a sandbox, so it doesn't show up here, but then if you go ahead and select back to task, if you're complete for the day, that will also work. And that's how you manage working through a task list.

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