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How to Create a Task Queue in HubSpot

About Task Queues in HubSpot

HubSpot CRM Sales Hub has many tools to help you organize your data. Its Tasks feature is great for any sales rep wanting to stay on top of their HubSpot to-do list. You can even make custom queues to keep track of your tasks.

From the drop-down menu on HubSpot, select Sales, then Tasks. First, click “Create Task” in the upper right corner if there aren’t any tasks listed yet. Then, you can move on to create a Tasks Queue.

Now, to add a custom filter for your assigned tasks, select “Add Queue” and name your task.

Users that are a Sales or Service Hub Professional or Enterprise can also invite other users in the HubSpot account to complete the tasks in the queue. To do this, select the checkboxes next to the names of the users you want to add when creating the task. Be sure to click save!

Once you’ve created the Task Queue, click on “More Filters” to customize it.

Video Tutorial

Video Transcript

If I want to filter my tasks and I want to do a custom filter, that's not handled by the filters that already exist, I can come in here and I can add a queue for my tasks. I'm going to go ahead. I'll just name this as "Task," and you can also search specifically for users here. As long as they are a pro or enterprise user, it will go ahead and filter for them.

What you can then do is you can go ahead and add more filters here. For task types, you can add in certain priorities, specific due dates, as well as what creation source they actually came from.

Once you're happy with that, you can go ahead and apply this to your queue here, and then that is how you actually create the queue. It will then display whatever you've designed it to, as whatever your custom settings are.

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