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HubSpot SalesHub: A CRM We Can All Love

HubSpot SalesHub the CRM
Posted by Matt Bolian on July 22, 2021
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Spoken Word on HubSpot The CRM, Your New Best Friend 

Matt Bolian, RevPartners Co-Founder & Head of Growth and People

(also an avid HubSpot enthusiast, if you haven't gathered that already :) 

"HubSpot the CRM

You can go ahead and call it your new best friend


SaleHub was crafted together with precision

Not cobbled together through acquisition 


Most CRMs - in aiming for the infinite flexibility

Create complicated data mazes

That left your sales team hazes.


The facts are more than ⅓ of CRM implementations fail 

Not because the system isn’t “capable”

But because it is not adoptable.


It usually requires a master degree and certifications

To do simple data manipulation;

Report and dashboard configurations;

Workflow sales automations -


It’s why 50% of sales leaders say, "my CRM is difficult to use."

So I ask you the question,

"Why are you taking the abuse?"


There is something that’s more -

affordable, adoptable,

Without sacrificing the ability to be adaptable.


Stop choosing between powerful and easy to use

Sales Hub - a CRM you can actually use.


It is intuitive and beautiful 

It’s packed to brim; its feature-full.


Email tracking, templates, meeting links and more

Personalized and automated emails - that what sequences are for

Manage sale pipeline and required properties easily;

Forecast sales projections with forecast categories;

Arm the sales team with playbook to repeatedly;

Win the deals that you need to be;

Track sale KPIs that set free.

Sales Cycle, average deal size, and conversion rates

You don’t got time to wait.

Send quotes, create product libraries, and capture signatures.

Let’s move at the speed of sales to capture

Net new, renewal, expansion, and up-sell revenue.


Integrations galore!

Out of the box with Gmail and outlook Plus 1000s more!

It ain’t no chore

To get setup and make it yours.

And you don’t have conjure

a W-2 employee to operate its core.

Nor does require 

a 100k implementation sore.

No, HubSpot is FOR YOU.

Legacy CRM; see the door.


And relax,

You don’t have the pay the salesforce tax!

You can scale.

We're not in the 2010s.

HubSpot is a CRM that wins!


You have custom objects and open API’s.

Yes, we can open our eyes

To a new future that lies

A HubSpot CRM that is customized.


To HubSpot SalesHub,

A CRM that we all can finally love."

Matt Bolian

RevPartners Co-Founder & Head of Growth and People

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