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Fractional RevOps vs Building an In-House RevOps Team

If a company does RevOps well it will thrive; if it does RevOps poorly it will struggle to survive.    

Because RevOps:

  • Helps align sales, marketing, and customer success
  • Centralizes data for a 360° view of customer needs
  • Drives growth with data-backed decisions
  • Boosts satisfaction and loyalty through personalized experiences
  • Reduces departmental friction
  • Identifies growth opportunities
  • Helps you scale effectively
  • Sets businesses up for long-term success with repeatable revenue strategies

If all this sounds great, that’s because it is.  

There’s just one problem…

Most businesses do not have a fully stocked, in-house team of RevOps pros that can make all of that a reality.  In short, they need some extra help.  

The answer?  Fractional RevOps.

Understanding Fractional RevOps

Fractional RevOps is an adaptable model that offers businesses access to RevOps professionals on a part-time or project basis. This model provides businesses with customized solutions that cater to their specific needs, enabling them to optimize their sales, marketing, and customer success efforts without committing to full-time employees.

Or, more simply...

Businesses want to improve how they sell their products, make their marketing better, and keep their customers happy. But they often don't have enough work or money to hire full-time employees for all these tasks.

Fractional RevOps is a way for them to get help from experts in sales, marketing, and customer success without having to hire them full-time. These experts can work with them on specific projects or for a certain number of hours each week. This allows them to get the help they need to make their business better, without spending too much money or committing to full-time employees.  

Basically, it's like having a team of specialists who can help them with their business's specific needs, but only when they need them, so they can save money and resources in the long run.

In-House RevOps Teams

Ok, so most companies need to take a serious look at fractional RevOps services because they lack a full, in-house RevOps team. 

But what exactly is an in-house RevOps team?

An in-house RevOps team is a group of full-time employees who work exclusively for an organization. These professionals are responsible for managing and optimizing all aspects of RevOps, including sales, marketing, and customer success. By working within the organization, they gain an in-depth understanding of their business's unique challenges, goals, and values.

Fractional RevOps vs In-House RevOps Team: Cost 

No Full-time Employee Expenses

By partnering with fractional RevOps professionals, businesses can avoid the commitment and costs associated with hiring full-time employees, such as salaries, benefits, and other employee-related expenses.

Example: Instead of hiring a full-time RevOps manager with a salary and benefits package, a business could hire a fractional RevOps expert on a part-time basis, saving thousands of dollars annually.

Flexible Pricing Models

Fractional RevOps allows businesses to choose between hiring professionals for a set number of hours per week or on a project basis. This flexibility enables companies to manage their expenses and allocate resources more efficiently.

Example: A business might use a fractional RevOps specialist for 10 hours per week to optimize its sales processes but increase the engagement to 20 hours per week during a major product launch.

Substantial Upfront Investment

Building an in-house RevOps team requires a considerable investment in full-time employee salaries, benefits, onboarding, and training costs. These expenses can strain businesses with limited resources or budgets.

Example: A business looking to build an in-house RevOps team might need to invest in recruitment agency fees, interview costs, and extensive training programs to ensure its team has the necessary skills and expertise.

Fixed Costs

In-house RevOps teams come with fixed costs that may not be suitable for businesses with fluctuating RevOps needs or limited budgets. 

Example: A business with an in-house RevOps team may struggle to reduce expenses during slower periods or when RevOps needs decrease.

Fractional RevOps vs In-House RevOps Team: Scalability

Tailored Support

Fractional RevOps allows businesses to adjust their RevOps services based on their unique needs and budget constraints.

This flexibility ensures companies receive the appropriate expertise and resources during various growth phases.

Example: A startup might require more support in setting up its sales processes and tools initially but can scale back once these systems are established.

Scaling Up or Down

Fractional RevOps enables businesses to easily scale their services according to their changing requirements. This scalability helps companies manage resources effectively and avoid over-investing in fixed assets.

Example: A business experiencing rapid growth might need to increase its fractional RevOps support to optimize its marketing campaigns during peak seasons and scale back during slower periods.

Quick Turnaround

Fractional RevOps professionals can deliver results quickly, allowing businesses to respond to market changes and capitalize on new growth opportunities.

Example: A business facing sudden competition in its market might use a fractional RevOps expert to help improve its value proposition and marketing messaging swiftly, ensuring the company remains competitive.

Fractional RevOps vs In-House RevOps Team: Expertise and Specialization

Diverse Talent Pool

Fractional RevOps connects businesses with experts in sales, marketing, and customer success. This extensive network ensures companies receive the knowledge and experience needed to tackle challenges and capitalize on growth opportunities.

Example: A business experiencing issues with customer retention could engage a fractional RevOps professional specializing in customer success strategies to help improve loyalty and reduce churn.

Project-based Expertise

With Fractional RevOps, businesses can engage professionals with the precise skills and experience required for specific projects or initiatives.

Example: A company aiming to optimize its marketing automation could engage a fractional RevOps expert with a strong background in marketing technology and experience implementing automation solutions.

Continuous Learning

By working with different businesses, fractional RevOps professionals stay informed on best practices and strategies across industries. This knowledge benefits businesses by keeping their RevOps approaches cutting-edge and relevant.

Example: A fractional RevOps expert may have recently helped another business successfully implement an account-based marketing strategy, allowing them to share valuable insights and learnings with their current client.

Additional Investment for In-house Teams

Businesses may need to allocate additional resources to keep their in-house teams up-to-date with industry trends and best practices.

Example: A company may need to send its in-house RevOps team to an industry conference focusing on the latest sales methodologies, which could incur travel, registration, and accommodation costs.

Fractional RevOps vs In-House RevOps Team: Tools and Technologies

Broader Expertise

Fractional RevOps professionals have experience with various clients and industries, enabling them to provide more diverse recommendations on tools and technologies that best suit a business's unique requirements.

Example: A fractional RevOps expert may have worked with clients across multiple industries, giving them insights into various RevOps tools and their suitability for different business models, which might be limited in the case of an in-house team with experience only in a single industry.

Streamlined Implementation and Integration

Fractional RevOps professionals can expedite the implementation and integration process, ensuring businesses are up and running quickly without overburdening their in-house teams.

Example: A fractional RevOps specialist could assist in the deployment of a new customer data platform, allowing the in-house team to focus on their core responsibilities while still reaping the benefits of a streamlined integration.

Continuous Improvement

Unlike an in-house team that may need to balance multiple priorities, fractional RevOps experts can dedicate their time to monitoring and optimizing the performance of RevOps tools, ensuring businesses receive maximum value from their investment.

Example: A fractional RevOps professional could consistently analyze the performance of a marketing automation tool and provide recommendations for improving campaign effectiveness, something an in-house team might not have the bandwidth to do consistently.

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