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RevOps as a Service: Marketing and Sales Technical Setup

Don’t Sleep on the Importance of RevOps

Revenue operations, or “RevOps'' if you like to sound cool, is a game changer for businesses of all sizes.  Do it well and you’ll thrive, do it poorly and you’ll struggle to survive.    

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RevOps aligns sales, marketing, and customer success; with all the data from these different departments in one place, businesses can get a complete picture of their customers (and their needs) to help organizations grow and optimize their revenue in a repeatable fashion.  This allows them to make informed decisions about what strategies and tactics will be most effective in growing their revenue.

Alignment reduces friction and provides a more personalized experience for customers. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, which in turn leads to increased revenue.  By aligning all departments and making data-driven decisions, businesses can identify opportunities for growth and scale effectively. This not only helps the company grow in the short-term, but sets it up for success in the long-run.

If all this sounds great, that’s because it is.  There’s just one problem…many businesses do not have an in-house team full of RevOps pros that can make all of that a reality.

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The Answer?  RevOps as a Service

If you’ve ever taken your clothes to get dry cleaned (due to a personal lack of know-how, time, etc…), then you’re familiar with the idea of outsourcing a task to a professional.  RevOps as a service is no different. It’s when a business contracts out their revenue operations strategies (due to a lack of know-how, time, etc…) to a company with an expertise in RevOps.

Just because a business has an employee with the word “revenue” in their job title doesn't mean they’re an expert in all things RevOps.  If your business doesn’t have GTM gurus or model forecasting magicians, then it’s time to find a team of dedicated RevOps pros.  It’s time for RevOps as a service.

Areas/Topics Assessed

Here are some examples of the areas a RevOps as a service company may look at while mapping out your strategies and process:

Let’s take a look at the last one, marketing and sales technical setup, and see how it might be tackled by a team of RevOps pros.

Marketing and Sales Technical Setup

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What is it?  Why is it Important?

Marketing and sales technical setup is a process to ensure all settings are enabled to properly match your business needs in your HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hubs.  It would be a real shame to pay for these hubs only to have them set up in a manner that is not optimal for your business.  With RevOps as a service, a technical setup lays the foundation for advanced functionality.  

When Does it Occur?

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Foundations of the Marketing Platform

If your business partners with a company which specializes in RevOps as a service, here are some areas they would address in HubSpot’s Marketing Hub:

Marketing Hub Core:  Connecting ad accounts, email subscription settings, and social account settings

Branding:  Branding kit added including logos, color, and themes

Domain:  Primary and secondary domains connected and verified.  Sitemap, Custom SSL and URL redirects

Privacy and Consent:  Data protection settings, GDPR, cookie policy

Tracking and Analytics:  Tracking code installed to Google Tag Manager account to sync info to HubSpot

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Foundations of the Sales Platform

As with the marketing platform, there are HubSpot Sales Hub features a team of RevOps pros would help guide your business through:

  • Sales Hub Core:  Time zone, fiscal year, currencies
  • HubSpot Sales Tools:  Call and meeting types, outcomes, call recording, dialer
  • Teams/Permission Sets:  Team, role and object permissions within those teams
  • Tools:  Connecting Gmail/Outlook, calendar, Zoom, Slack/teams, etc…
  • Goals:  Team and individual sales goals (quotas)
  • Meeting Links:  Meeting link setup and customization


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When it comes to the process for marketing and sales technical setup, a team of RevOps experts will work in phases.

Phase 1 will often include a setup questionnaire and ensuring certain required accesses.

Phase 2 gets into the actual processes including configuring settings, admin setup, setting up users and teams, and building the marketing and sales platform configurations detailed above.

Phase 3 wraps up with testing the setup, team training/video guidelines to ensure each member has proper settings and knows how to use the tools, and ongoing measurement and troubleshooting.


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“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is only good advice if you’re sure something isn’t broken.  That’s why after setup is complete, a (good) RevOps as service partner, will run tests to ensure that all of the features of HubSpot are working properly.  Here some examples of what may be run:

Marketing Hub

  • Forms:  Submit form and ensure it creates contact in HubSpot
  • Website Tracking:  Confirm “time last seen” and “last page seen” properties populate

Sales Hub

  • Email Extension:  Each salesperson sends test email that syncs to HubSpot contact record
  • Call Dialer:  Sample call is dialed from HubSpot and activity is linked to appropriate record
  • Meeting Links:  Sales team members submit test meeting that syncs to HubSpot 

What Will Success Look Like?

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When marketing and sales technical setup is properly executed, you can expect that all Marketing Hub users have proper setup and permissions, all master account settings reflect your business, and all branding, social accounts, domain settings, and email settings are connected to HubSpot.

In addition, your HubSpot tracking code is live on your website and forms connect HubSpot.  Finally, all Sales Hub paid seats have calendars, Gmail extension, call/meeting types, and meeting links set up and connected.

The RevPartners Difference

All companies do RevOps.  Therefore, you’re either doing it well, or you’re doing it poorly.

If you want the former, then partnering with a company which specializes in RevOps as a service is no brainer.  

If you want a company that’s committed to being proactive and taking 100% ownership in every they do (we’re NOT a marketing agency!), then let RevPartners build your RevOps engine.

Want to learn if you're doing RevOps well?

Check out our 5 stage revenue maturity model

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RevPartners is at Your Service

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