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RevOps Manifesto: RevOps Implementation in 2023

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Last week, Matt Bolian, Head of Growth and Strategy at RevPartners, led a Live Webinar on how to set up your Revenue Engine by leveraging his Revenue Operations Manifesto - a simple set of guiding principles to implement in 2022.

The manifesto principles underpin and guide your decisions when creating and executing sales and marketing processes. Adopt and adhere to the manifesto (below) and you will be in the top 10% of companies running RevOps

If you find yourself asking: "What does it mean to implement RevOps?” 

Then this is the blog for you!


Introducing the RevOps Manifesto

The Problem

Recognize that RevOps is the biggest competitive differentiator for scaling companies. The questions are shifting from "Should I do RevOps?" to "How do I do it well?"

So, you hop on Google and start searching for some guide or starting point. But, all you find are definitions that are Too heady, too theoretical, and too conceptual do actually do anything with! So, the problem remains...

The Solution

RevOps, at its most base level,  is this. "Behaviors that create actionable data." It's that simple. This is why our team specializes in weaponizing data. It is the power, the fuel behind every effort that your company makes. 

Remember that guide you were just searching for? We have clear, simple, practical behavior-based tenets that will lay the foundational layer of doing RevOps.

Bottom Line: No process can function well if The Manifesto behaviors are not happening

RevOps MountainTenets that Define RevOps Implementation in 2022

#1: I recognize this truth: adoption > process > tool

Adoption Flywheel


Adoption: Without adoption, process does not exist

Simple: Simple processes are betters

Tools: Tools matter


Track: Track adoption of tools

Iterate: Starting a new process / tool is  25% of the journey

Selection: The most important selection criteria for any tool is "how easy is it to use."

End State: 100% adoption of CRM by all departments



#2: I shall run a weekly sales pipeline call in my CRM

Sales Call Schedule


Adoption: Creates patterns and consistency

Rhythms: Know when the data is "ready" +  increase comms

Repetitions: Creates organizational strength


Schedule: Schedule recurring meeting  with sales team

Never Skip: If VP isn't there to run, someone else does

Timing: Start this as soon as sales team is >1.  Best day is Tuesday

End State: Predictable timeline for data integrity in CRM

#3: I shall manage my sales from a Dashboard in the CRM


Adoption: Inspect what you expect

Data: Ability to trust your data

Accountability: Holds reps accountable for data (Close date, contact, forecast category)


Dashboard: Use ONE Dashboard. Use it every time.

Question: Ask the same questions every time.

Rule: If not on this dashboard, then it does not exists.

Leaderboard: Use them to drive  competition

End State: Can answer the question, "Will we hit our target?"

Document Review

Document Review

#4: I shall decrease the number of databases I use


Adoption: 1 source where all data is located

Adoption: Back offers users

Admin: Decreases need for admin. Less integrations to manage. Helps you specialize on less tools.


CRM: Get one and start using it

Combine MAP + CRM: Put marketing and sales in the same database, reporting from same data.

End StateMultiple departments do their reporting in one systemTech Stack Comparison

#5: I shall draw my processes


Adoption: You follow processes you can see. Foundational to training.

Improvement: Can visualize what is  missing + seeing areas to automate. Helps prioritize "bottlenecks."

Onboarding: Decrease ramp time. Makes shadowing more useful.


Signup for Tool: Recommend Miro or Lucidchart

Pick a Process: I recommend starting with Sales Stages - Pipeline

Force It: You will never have enough time. Block the time on your calendar with people.

End State: All Customer Touch Points from Sales to Delivery are drawn out

Miro and Lucidchart examples

#6: I shall measure marketing by revenue


Adoption: Marketing will ensure sales data  is correct. More eyes on the data

Focus: Common goal creates focus on  what is working

Customer: Marketing focuses more on  customer and less on MQLs

Innovation: Marketing focused on dark funnel + BOFU


Never Ask: How many MQLs do we have.

Add Marketing: Add marketing to weekly sales call

B2B Attribution: Focus attribution on the deal level (not contact)

Add Deal Source: Add deal source to lists in weekly sales meeting

End State: Marketing and Sales like each other

#7: I shall eliminate Excel/Google Sheet


Adoption: The fastest way to destroy an  CRM - let a rogue Excel have more accurate data.

Excel v HubSpot example

Opportunity: Excels are created for 1 of 3 Reasons.

Find the reasons and iterate.

1.Consolidation: Data is not in one place

2.Can't Find: Data is not being collected

3.Training: Person doesn't know system


Don't Allow It: If you see it, ask that question "Why is this not in the CRM?"

Stay Alert: Lead your team to answering their questions within the CRM

End StateData Collection, processing, and visualization occurs via 1 tool

#8: I shall hire a dedicated RevOps resource.


Adoption: Processes need constant  iteration. Growth begets complexity

Profession: RevOps - creating actionable data via behaviors -> translation of data into strategy / tactics - is a profession. Best practices exists.  Don't reinvent.


Do it YourselfWatch how to Hire a RevOps Jedi Webinar

Hire RevOps as a Service: RevPartners and others

RevOps Recruiter: Find a recruiter that specializes

End StateSales friction reduced -> value of new hire increased 

Revenue Flywheel

The Time is NOW

The key here is to start simple and do the basics well. Move fast, but don't skip a step. Behaviors take time to form and become habits. Be disciplined and iterate. Your solution today, is your problem tomorrow.

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