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Everything You Need to Know About HubSpot Certifications

Fuel Your Engine Even Faster with Certifications 

As RevOps experts, we’re often asked how our team have so quickly acquired such awesome knowledge and expertise about the HubSpot CRM. The answer? Certifications. 

There’s no more efficient way to master the skills you need than by completing specialized certifications on HubSpot Academy. When you invest in learning, you’re equipping yourself with the tools needed to move your business forward and grow your career. 

At RevPartners we prioritize this investment and, as the fastest growing HubSpot partner of all time, the results speak for themselves. We know that staying up to date with the best inbound strategies is essential to keep winning and our rapidly growing team holds over 130 certifications in 30+ different courses. 

The current RevPartners certification record holder, RevOps genius David Passman, shares his tips and tricks on how to become a master yourself. 

Certification Mastery with David Passman 🏆

Don’t know where to start? Here’s a breakdown of what to prioritize based on your role in Revenue Operations: 

Marketing Ops/Manager 

Digital Marketing

Contextual Marketing

HubSpot CMS for Marketers

Marketing Hub Implementation 

Inbound Marketing


Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

Email Marketing


Sales Rep

Sales Enablement

Developing a Sales Plan

Sales Management Training

Inbound Sales 


Sales Ops

Developing a Sales Plan

Inbound Sales

Sales Hub Implementation 

Sales Enablement 

Sales Management Training

Frictionless Sales

HubSpot Sales Software

HubSpot Reporting 


Customer Success

Service Hub Software 

Delivering Client Success


RevOps Technologist 

Revenue Operations 

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