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A Guide to HubSpot Starter Onboarding

If you want to have the best CRM experience possible, follow this simple two-step process:

1) Choose HubSpot

2) Go through the HubSpot onboarding process to help you and your team understand the product and help ensure adoption.

When it comes to step two, there are a few options.  One of those options is HubSpot Starter Onboarding, which is more suitable for customers who have purchased the Starter tier of HubSpot's software. As the Starter plan is designed for smaller businesses or those just starting, the onboarding process is typically more streamlined compared to the HubSpot Onboarding for higher-tier plans.

Features of HubSpot Starter Onboarding plan may include:

  • Basic setup: Helping customers get their HubSpot account up and running.
  • General training: Providing essential training and guidance on using HubSpot tools.
  • Limited consultation: Offering some initial assistance and support, but it may be less personalized compared to the higher-tier onboarding.

While HubSpot Onboarding is more comprehensive and tailored to businesses with more extensive needs, HubSpot Starter Onboarding is a more basic onboarding experience suitable for smaller businesses or those new to the platform.  The main difference between the two onboarding programs lies in their level of depth, personalization, and the complexity of assistance provided.

All About the RevPartners Starter Pack

If you're looking for an easy way to help you supercharge your HubSpot instance to use it more effectively and efficiently, then you'll love our FREE SaaS Pack. 

It's a one-click package which includes the following:

Step-by-Step Guide

Install a 3 week step-by-step guide to help you utilize some of HubSpot's best features. 

  • Week 1:  Basic settings
  • Week 2:  How to use pre-configured assets that we've installed in your account
  • Week 3:  Walkthrough of locked features

Custom Dashboard

A custom dashboard to help you monitor sales and deal activity.  Common fields will have pre-built definitions using best practices that you can customize to fit your business practices.

Custom Lists

Eleven custom lists that use best practices to leverage the Lifecycle Stages (all 5) and Lead Status (all 8) feature.  They are pre-configured with filters, and you can see, based on best practices, which contacts in your system might fit a certain prompt.


These videos help you explore some of the locked features on your account.


Step-by-step walkthroughs that you can assign to your entire team to make sure they have all their settings set up properly and are ready to use HubSpot (this helps ensure adoption).

Can't wait to get started?

Want the best HubSpot onboarding experience around?

With our Starter Package, you're one click away from HubSpot success! 

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