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HubSpot Enterprise Onboarding

Is HubSpot an Enterprise CRM?

Sometimes people think silly things:  the moon is made of cheese; the Chicago Bears are a good football team; HubSpot is not an enterprise level CRM.

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When I hear peple utter that last line, I wonder if they fell asleep sometime in 2012, went into full Rip Van Winkle mode, and then woke up in 2024 still believing the same thing.  That’s really the only logical explanation for thinking such a thing.

Here’s why:

Marketing Hub Enterprise Features

  • Multi-touch revenue attribution:  customer interaction is automatically connected to revenue
  • Team-based partitioning:  marketing assets assigned by team
  • Adaptive testing:  your website's conversion ratios are tested and optimized through advanced machine learning 
  • Custom objects:  capture data in HubSpot that is specific to your business
  • Custom behavioral events:  use brand interaction to target customers
  • Scalability:  flexibility to increase limits on custom reports, custom dashboards, and workflows 

Sales Hub Enterprise Features

  • Custom objects:  create custom objects to keep track of all information unique to your business
  • Sales analytics:  to obtain full visibility into your process, bring all your data together in one place.  No analyst needed. 
  • Forecasting:  you can forecast with confidence because your sales data is integrated into HubSpot 
  • Sales engagement tools:  Use sequences, tasks, email scheduling and more to connect with prospects
  • Advanced permissions:  the ability to restrict and grant access based on role or team    

CMS Hub Enterprise Features

  • Web applications:  construct interactive web apps such as ticketing systems and calculators
  • Memberships:  Login elements on your website create a personalized experience for customers
  • Adaptive testing:  optimize your website by choosing page variations that HubSpot will monitor 
  • Content partitioning and activity logging:  the ability to keep track of changes made makes granting permissions and security changes easy
  • Additional root domains:  Nine additional domains on top of the core

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Breaking Down HubSpot Enterprise Onboarding by Hub

Onboarding for HubSpot’s hubs is a must if you want to get the most out of your purchase.  This is especially true if you are a large company with robust needs and therefore require the enterprise level for your crm.  This level will provide advanced solutions for organizing and consolidating customer data, thereby creating a more efficient sales process.

Purchasing HubSpot’s enterprise level is like purchasing a Ferrari (waaaay less expensive though, don’t worry!).  When you make a first-class purchase, you need first-class service.  Just as you wouldn't take your new Ferrari to one of those 10 minute/$20 oil change places, you don’t want to onboard in the most basic way possible for your enterprise level hub.

When you onboard directly through HubSpot, there will be several offerings at the enterprise level that will not be present with HubSpot onboarding services at the professional level.  They are as follows:

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Marketing Hub Differences

HubSpot marketing enterprise onboarding includes the following extra features (included on top of HubSpot professional onboarding service offerings):

  • Custom reporting and calculated properties
  • Team setup, managing multiple brands, and permissioning in HubSpot

For a more in-depth look at Marketing Hub onboarding, check here

Sales Hub Differences

HubSpot sales enterprise onboarding includes the following extra features (included on top of HubSpot professional onboarding service offerings):

  • Consultation on importing and migrating data from your CRM
  • Managing and routing more than one team

To get the complete lowdown on Sales Hub onboarding, click here.

Service Hub Differences

HubSpot service enterprise onboarding includes the following extra features (included on top of HubSpot professional onboarding service offerings):

  • The managing of multiple teams
  • The development of support playbooks
  • The creation of custom dashboards

For all your Service Hub onboarding questions, read this.

CMS Hub Differences

HubSpot CMS enterprise onboarding includes the following extra features (included on top of HubSpot professional onboarding service offerings):

  • CMS memberships
  • Custom reporting to allow tracking of KPIs and site performance reporting
  • Best practices to ensure website speed and security
  • Content partitioning
  • Dynamic page testing

A full rundown of the CMS onboarding process can be found here.

HubSpot CRM Onboarding Advanced and Premier Options

When your business needs are more sophisticated, consider HubSpot’s Advanced and Premier onboarding options.  These offerings are primarily aimed at customers who in need of:

  • Supplemental tech assistance for website migrations
  • Guidance on implementing intricate use cases and business processes into HubSpot
  • Advice on merging multiple HubSpot portals into a single one
  • Strategy recommendations for sales, marketing, service, and operations teams
  • A more personalized service in the areas of multi-stakeholder management and project management
  • An added focus on internal communications, training, rollout, and long-term planning

What's Included in the Advanced and Premier Onboarding Plans?

Because the Advanced and Premier onboarding options are intended for enterprise level businesses, and all the complexities that come with them, the time duration is 120 days (basic HubSpot onboarding is 90).  Within this period, your onboarding specialist will create a customized plan that will get you up and running, fully integrated, and prepared to execute at a high level within the HubSpot software.  The topics covered will include:

  • Explanation of how your data lives in HubSpot
  • Segmentation of your data
  • CRM customization and business process mapping
  • Productivity tools
  • Email marketing, content strategy, and conversion paths
  • Website analytics
  • Constructing a marketing to sales transfer process
  • Campaign setup and custom reporting
  • Technical consulting (e.g. API troubleshooting, custom integration support)
  • Advanced tool tactics in HubSpot (e.g. Programmable email, calculated fields)
  • The merging of HubSpot portals into a new one (2 portals for Advanced; more than 2 for Premier)
  • Business units brought together into a single portal (2 business units for Advanced; more than 2 for Premier)

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HubSpot Enterprise Onboarding with RevPartners

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