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RevPartners: The Non-Agency. What Makes Us Different?

Spoken Word on what makes RevPartners different
Posted by Matt Bolian on August 3, 2021
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Well, why not answer that in spoken word form? 

Matt Bolian, RevPartners Co-Founder & Head of Growth and People


"RevPartners - 

Why we’re different. 

Let’s start with the obvious. 

First, you’re watching a video. 

And its spoken word.

Not an Agency.


It’s public knowledge that we don’t like moving slow.

It’s just not the way to execute business flow,

Ya know?

Not an Agency.


Others overpromise and underwhelm.

They are used car salesmen; what you see isn’t what you get

We commit and deliver - guiding partners to their desired revenue realm.

We give the Who, What, When, Where and Why for the work we surround.

Not an Agency.


You never hear us say, “I thought you were doing that; but if you pay us for another hour.”

That’s amateur hour. 

We have 100% ownership.

If we own even .01% of the blame,

It’s our fault we lost the game.

Not an Agency.


We have a full book of Operating Principles that articulate the difference:

 - Waiting is a curse word.

 - Recap every meeting or didn’t occur.

 - All tasks require a person and a date.

 - Have opinions, drive decisions, and always takes notes. 

 - "Sure" and "ok" aren’t answers we allow to float.

 - Always go around the horn to end of a meeting.

 - Recommend solutions, don’t identify problems independently.

 - Always acknowledging when we receive a message, whether its Slack, ClickUp, or email.

 - We give BLUFs (Bottom Line Up Front) at the start without fail.

 - Practice radical transparency, consistently, Even when it's not easy

 - And most importantly, we have FUN.

Not an Agency.


We are RevPartners.

We weaponize sales, marketing, and customer success data.

If you have a revenue engine issue, we get the call.

It’s our desire to love Partners, and employees even better.

RevOps for All."

Matt Bolian

RevPartners Co-Founder & Head of Growth and People

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