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What Will my HubSpot Onboarding Fee Be?

From Spreadsheets to CRMs

Businesses don't achieve world domination overnight. In fact, it can take years to become profitable. For some businesses, it can also take years to become organized.  

In the early stages, customer contact information might be arranged in spreadsheets, emails, and even handwritten notes. Yikes to that last one.  

The reality is that as a business grows, Excel just ain't gonna cut it. For a business to truly scale, it needs automation, and that’s where CRMs come in. There are many to choose from, but the new king of the hill is HubSpot.

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When you make the call to go with HubSpot, you’re already 1 for 1 in making good decisions (you’ll have to stick around until the end to find out how to be 2 for 2). With per-user pricing, HubSpot creates a scalable model for smaller companies to thrive in, and its Enterprise tier makes big companies feel right at home as well.

Also, HubSpot’s tools are crafted by HubSpot themself and work together seamlessly. That’s not always the case with CRMs, as some feature tools built by other companies and just cobble them together by slapping the same label on them all. I won't mention any names here, but one of these CRMs might just rhyme with Walesborce.

Ok, HubSpot Might be Great, but How Much Does it Cost?

Money matters. Coins count. Price is paramount. Annoying alliterations (did it again) aside, the most important question when purchasing a product or service is “how much does it cost?”. After all, it doesn't matter how great something is if you can’t afford it.

HubSpot:  Free Version

Great news: you can use many of HubSpot’s tools for free! If you’re a small company, or maybe just getting off the ground, this may be a good place to start. The great thing about this option is that it’s not a free trial with a predetermined expiration date, but rather unlimited access to “lite” (HubSpot’s term) versions of select tools available in paid versions. If you decide HubSpot is for you, then you can choose to make the investment in their paid services.

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HubSpot: Paid Version

Have you ever gone into an ice cream shop, got a small sample of a flavor, and then decided it was so good you ordered a double scoop of it in a giant waffle cone bowl? Well that’s what tends to happen when people try the free version of HubSpot…they want more!

Getting more of HubSpot means opting for their paid versions. Pricing for these paid versions will vary based upon tier and hub selection.  

HubSpot Tier Pricing

HubSpot offers three tiers:

  • Starter (lowest tier)
  • Professional (middle tier)
  • Enterprise (highest tier)

The pricing for each tier is reflective of the capabilities and services offered (i.e. the lowest tier, Starter, has the lowest price tag, but also the least amount of offerings).

For example, once you start a paid version of the Marketing Hub, the HubSpot subscription payments would be:

  • Starter:  starts at $20/mo for the first 1,000 contacts
  • Professional:   starts at $800/mo for the first 2,000 contacts
  • Enterprise:  starts at $3,600/mo for the first 10,000 contacts   

HubSpot Hubs

Beyond the tiering options there are also choices to be made regarding hubs. HubSpot offers the following selections:

There is also the option to bundle hubs, which results in a reduced price as opposed to purchasing the hubs a la carte.

What Will My HubSpot Onboarding Fee Be?

With the selection of your hubs and tiering options complete, you may be thinking “check, please!”. However, it is vital that you engage in onboarding services, especially for all Professional and Enterprise packages. HubSpot may be brand new for some employees at a company, and without proper onboarding the true value and functions of HubSpot won’t be realized.

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The purpose of the HubSpot onboarding plan is to set your company up for success by implementing all of the technical requirements to get your account up and running, creating workflows to automate your inbound marketing strategies, setting up templates and parameters, identifying goals, helping to connect any tools you already use to HubSpot, and developing an understanding of all HubSpot software and best practices.   

HubSpot Onboarding Pricing

HubSpot onboarding fees and pricing are dependent upon who does the onboarding.  There are two options: 

  • HubSpot itself
  • HubSpot Agency Partner

Onboarding with HubSpot 

Onboarding with HubSpot will get your company access to an Implementation Specialist for 90 days. This person will serve primarily as a consultant, as they will not do a “deep dive” into your company's particular processes. They essentially point your team in the right direction, but the actual doing, building, and learning in HubSpot is up to your team.

Prices for this are as follows:

  • Marketing Hub:  $3,000 for Professional/$6,000 for Enterprise  
  • Sales Hub:  $1,500 for Professional/$3,500 for Enterprise 
  • Service Hub:  $1,500 for Professional/$3,500 for Enterprise
  • CMS Hub:   $1,500 for Professional/$2,000 for Enterprise 

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Onboarding with a HubSpot Agency Partner

When you choose to onboard with a HubSpot agency partner, you are bringing in HubSpot experts who will provide a professional onboarding experience more tailored to your particular company's needs and wants. Pricing will generally be comparable to onboarding services performed by HubSpot, but it will vary based on the partner you select. 

Pro tip: This is not an area to cut corners. Proper onboarding is essential to make sure your company receives the best training possible for the HubSpot software.      

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HubSpot Onboarding Done Right

If you choose the HubSpot partner route, RevPartners is the way to go (now you’re 2 for 2). With a specialization in complex tech stack integration, difficult data migrations, and custom designs, RevPartners creates a seamless transition and gets you ready to go on day one. 

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